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Mike (23 May 2004 17:15): it seems that everyone's forgotten that they have an internet connection
mike (23 May 2004 20:09): it seems that I sound like a prick sometimes when I post.
also, I'm tired.
and I'm not very consistent with capitalization of my name.
mike (23 May 2004 20:09): also, you fucks need to post every once in a while
Paul (24 May 2004 6:12): Well that's another problem with dialup: I only dialup when I need to, so I only do things like blog if I'm at Harvard or somewhere.
Paul (27 May 2004 7:56): I suspect the blog itself will soon cease to be a major source of discussion...
So we need posts on something else, I suppose.
m (6 Aug 2005 0:56): there's this fucking dog that's been whining basically all day. I don't know, maybe its owner went away on vacation or something. It was whining when I got up and ate breakfast, and now it's still whining. At one AM. jesus.
m (7 Aug 2005 13:17): I'll take this opportunity to point out the "all" link to the left of the topic that this post falls under (under which falls the word "post") and will go so far as to suggest clicking (posthaste) on the link and reading what I wrote back in May.
I pos(i)t that every bit of that applies now as it did then. Only now I include irritating word-play as some sort of bonus.
Grant (7 Aug 2005 16:27): And I would put forth that you have forgotten that I have a life.

Actually, it's more because my brother is here in Japan at the moment. Yay.

We've just been wandering around Takamatsu for now, but we'll go see Kyoto, Tokyo and such next week.
sam (7 Aug 2005 21:33): "And I would put forth that you have forgotten that I have a life."

and what a life if you're jerk enough to say something like that.

no seriously. maybe it's just hard to hold common interests when we all lead dramatically different lives in dramatically different parts of the country. dude, i don't even know anymore.
Grant (9 Aug 2005 9:11): Yeah, it was a very jerk-ish thing to say; I didn't mean it seriously. I wanted to use some parallel phrasing, and I though 'put forth' was a nice compliment to 'posit.' No offense was meant, really.
Grant (9 Aug 2005 9:11): Uh, right - Sorry. That was supposed to be an apology.
Paul (9 Aug 2005 9:41): Sorry, I've had limited internet access. Intend to return to posting more often "soon"
m (9 Aug 2005 13:56): I think I gave up my right to take offense for anything in this thread when I referred to everyone else as "you fucks"
m (16 Sep 2005 22:36): so I made some bread dough today. It's pretty awesome. raisin bread, even. I kind of thought that story would come out better.
G (19 Sep 2005 17:16): Did you just make the dough, or did you actually bake said dough into raisin bread?
Inquiring minds want to know.
m (19 Sep 2005 20:51): baked it yesterday -- it wasn't rising (pre-baking, which it should) so I thought that I had pretty much massacred several generations of yeast, whole subcultures lost when I stuck it in the fridge the other day, but I guess a few stragglers made it through. The bread rose a little in the oven, and turned out kind of dense but super tasty.
m (26 Sep 2005 15:02): so, uh, what are you guys up to these days? I'm in seattle for another week, then heading out to Maine for a bit to hang out with my mom's dad. rock on, trees. I was going to drive there, but my car (as you may have gathered) is pretty fucked the fuck up. fuck. so flying it is which, you know, would be cool if it weren't so goddamn expensive.
m (30 Sep 2005 21:40): Yeah. that's right.
m (30 Sep 2005 22:44): while I'm searching -- it's comforting that I may not have the foulest mouth here.
G (3 Oct 2005 5:16): Yes, but it's so dense when you do it.

Also, for what it's worth, brushed-metal finder really justifies foul language.
m (3 Oct 2005 19:30): crapster
m (5 Oct 2005 15:11): it's like an anti-quine, linking a post without also linking the linking post.
Paul (5 Oct 2005 15:30): Indeed...does it work if I put a letter in brackets?
m (5 Oct 2005 15:40): an html entity might get me out of it.
I wanted to use the negative lookbehind:
to get rid of the q=comforting and q=(?<!\S*q=)comforting but PHP will only do fixed-length strings in lookbehinds. irritating. next time I'll make the search string just start with some whitespace and \s it.

i'm talking to myself here, you assholes
m (5 Oct 2005 16:31): brackets. good call.
Paul (20 Oct 2013 15:40): Need more sleep! [reddit]
m (20 Oct 2013 18:22): good topic for a readthrough. we call got a little self-conscious/apologetic (except sam, who was maybe being facetious?) at the start there. then swears! Got to transpose those searches though, which all point to digitalaudiorock (WE ARE OLD)
G (21 Oct 2013 21:22): lol digital audio rock