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m (22 Oct 2004 14:26): bah. I told Zong to post here, but it looks like he's too cool for school.
(24 Oct 2004 20:14): Check it, Mike!
All the way live!
All the way off-topic!

I like how paul put in all the, like, attributes in the example img tag. Like I'd use them. Ha.
Grant (26 Oct 2004 23:51): I am at school.
I am not 'too cool' enough.
m (27 Oct 2004 17:43): man, if there's one thing I love, it's money idol exchanger.
and images that are larger than a maximized browser window. fucking love those.
osarobo (31 Oct 2004 2:32): ello
m (1 Nov 2004 11:57): ?
zong (3 Nov 2004 16:34): hey, who says?
zong (3 Nov 2004 16:36): better late than never.