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m (23 Oct 2008 17:42): Good subject for the post, at least.
Paul (8 Dec 2008 16:33): Musings about tranquility...
"Cuba took me back decades to an era when time did not always demand to be put to use."
m (29 Jan 2009 16:24): 59-0
G (29 Jan 2009 21:46): What?

Today I found (found) Shorpy dot com.
m (30 Jan 2009 23:35): blago vote.
m (30 Jan 2009 23:38): explain shorpy. Those photos look too crisp to be legit.
G (31 Jan 2009 17:00): Shorpy is pretty awesome. I guess those glass negatives were pretty good?

It's not as though there aren't lots of pictures that don't have blurring or damage in them, though: 0, 1, 2, etc.
m (2 Feb 2009 14:00): super awesome
m (24 Jun 2013 7:50): an articulate rejection of the formulas-for-sexing-the-ladies thing: Look, there's nothing wrong with wandering around wanting to get laid; it's the human condition. But there are ways to make it even less dignified than usual, and one way is to approach the prospect of sex like it's the secret cow level on Diablo, where the person you are facing has defenses you need to overcome before you can nail them.
m (24 Nov 2013 7:52): SHORPY!
m (24 Nov 2013 8:00): I just can't stop!
Paul (15 Jan 2014 7:27): How to follow the new class schedule: "When you wake up that morning, pretend it is a Thursday."