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Paul (27 Feb 2011 17:07): Host: "And, under one chair at every table we've taped a ticket to our spring concert!"
(people around the room reach under their chairs and a lucky few hold up tickets)
(Guest 1 near me scrapes under chair for a while)
Guest 1 (holding something in the dark): "Is this it?"
Guest 2 near me (looking): "It says do not remove under penalty of death."
Me (looking): "It says furniture inventory."
Guest 2 (holds up a candle): "Unitarian Universalist Church Furniture Inventory Control Number."
G (28 Feb 2011 1:09): I'm hoping that's the name of their band.
m (24 Nov 2014 21:59): "It doesnít matter now. Allenís dead. Jackís dead. Nealís dead. But Iím still alive." [Gerd Stern, on Ginsberg, Kerouac, Cassady]
m (25 Nov 2014 10:55): Hm. Seem to have failed to include the link for that one there.
m (25 Nov 2014 10:55): (tbh I was kind of distracted by the mancala quotes bug deleting my preview...)