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m (5 Feb 2009 13:04): A lot of work for that pun.
Paul (2 Mar 2009 9:48): Encyclopedia Dramatica proves very important to a meme-deficient xkcd reader today.
Paul (2 Mar 2009 9:58): Okay, I can't resist hyperlinking it:
Sup dawg, I herd you didn't liek forming babby, but I accidentally in your base.
R (13 Apr 2009 1:04): Nice try, Mike. Get out of xkcd.
Paul (22 Apr 2009 17:52): actual playpen with plastic balls. also something about a book.
Paul (16 Jul 2009 3:30): I didn't get "Sheeple" until I read an objectivists' discussion board about it.
Paul (17 Aug 2009 17:11): After reading today's xkcd, I googled "wait what" xkcd and found a surprising index.
m (17 Aug 2009 21:49): that flow-chart one is delightful.
Paul (24 Aug 2009 16:45): As if he heard's the tech mojo flowchart
m (26 Oct 2009 16:47): Damnit. Wrong post button.
m (27 Oct 2009 8:57): tell me you didn't love that marquee/blink/broken image links illegible mess...
G (28 Oct 2009 0:44): It was pretty cool.
m (20 Nov 2009 13:02): Particularly like the alt-text on today's.

PAUL: Read old post addressed to you. Update mancala source. Rss feeds are good.
Thread Police (20 Nov 2009 15:44): <ahem>
m (20 Nov 2009 16:43): I thought that maybe if it were in an xkcd thread he'd be more likely to read it...
Paul (20 Nov 2009 20:02): augh it's too much work. let me know when the shell commands are provided line by line. thanks. ;)
Paul (20 Nov 2009 20:18): Okay, once I realized how much work went into this, I relented and updated the source. I'm pathologically scared of sources where I totally forget what they say.
Paul (20 Nov 2009 20:19): Crazy! There's a mancala rss feed now! Also, yes putting the topic "xkcd" did get my attention, sad to say.
Paul (12 Feb 2011 4:48): need...matching...parenthesis )   whew...
m (12 Feb 2011 19:31): alt text is also great from the get-go, beginning "brains aside, ..."
Paul (14 Feb 2011 19:10): "This mouseover text contains hacks designed to break the security apparatus of weak minds. Virus detected! You may have won $1 million dollars! To vanquish the virus and claim the cash, just type into your browser and click 'Yes, Run!'"
m (22 Feb 2011 10:53): Just got increment in Manufactoria!
m (14 Mar 2011 10:32): The alt-text here might be the best math joke I've ever heard.
Paul (2 Jun 2011 19:08): Raven: "I sensed that someone needed help with science and swooped to the rescue!"
Hannelore: "Thank you, Science Fairy!"
Paul (27 Jun 2011 16:08): Best forum post about Hofstadter: "if he'd had a few more words he'd probably have found a way to encode a self-replicating loop/entity into his own autobiography, which in turn would have ended up generating its own autobiography, which in turn... Dammit Hofstadter! You've got me thinking weird thoughts again!"
z (23 Sep 2011 10:12): not xkcd
m (24 Sep 2011 8:30): great!
Paul (7 Nov 2011 5:32): I'm developing a system to maximize utility for the world.
m (2 Jul 2012 15:21): Remember when we had the phrase "a mike's couple" to describe the number of fries I would take when asking for a couple from your tray, paul? That was a long time ago.
Paul (6 Nov 2012 21:56): Awesome: "To surprise of pundits, numbers continue to be best system for determining which of two things is larger."
m (7 Nov 2012 19:36): You saw about the Karl Rove debacle last night on Fox News, right? Ay!
G (9 Nov 2012 0:56): Daily Show's take on it was amazing. You should watch that episode on Hulu.
m (2 Apr 2013 7:29): Gah, I had a stupid thing churning all night looking for hashes for the XKCD skein collision thing, and the best I could do was 413. Though I learned a couple nice ways to count set bits!

Also: I think I'm on board with the wiki vandalism that strip caused (offset by the strange growing-dog donation machine?)
m (25 Jul 2013 8:01): you guys still following this one? It got exciting!
G (28 Jul 2013 23:33): I hadn't been, so thanks for the heads up.
G (30 Jul 2013 17:52): And it's over!
G (1 Jun 2014 14:16): This is how I get in touch with Paul.
Paul (2 Jun 2014 8:09): And here I am. Thanks for getting my account issue sorted out!
m (10 Jul 2014 23:17): Why do I find Timeghost so compelling?
G (11 Jul 2014 0:06): It's English for 'zeitgeist!'
m (11 Jul 2014 7:31): Knowing that makes that word even more confusing than it was already
m (16 Apr 2015 21:31): I like tomorrow's a lot
m (11 May 2015 11:59): Favorite alt-text of recent memory
m (2 Sep 2015 17:36): Survey!
m (21 Nov 2015 11:42): Another great one: Five-Day Forecast
Paul (26 Aug 2016 10:06): From the bashing-jill-stein-as-anti-science-when-shes-the-only-one-really-trying-to-stop-climate-change department...

Speaking of anti-science, today's xkcd seems to suggest that intuition is a suitable guide to statistical significance. Talk about dog-whistle politics---I once wrote a whole term paper about authors who were promoting intuitive-statistics to show the asteroid wasn't really what killed the dinosaurs.
Paul (25 Oct 2016 21:11): xkcd on honesty
m (20 Sep 2017 8:46): Obligatory XKCD for Dex, but sadly no mention of the usb cables that are slightly off-tolerance and mess up the micro-usb port in your peripheral

In my kind of ancient Pi, and I guess this is a common problem, the usb port (what do you call the non-peripheral end? anyway, it's a full size normal usb port like your computer has) was weirdly small, so that after a little while trying to get my wifi dongle into it I saw that the interior pins had been bent all the way to the back. Going to have to solder half a usb cable with a female end to the board in order to fix, if I ever feel like using the Pi. Which, just to be clear, is unlikely after that rough start.
m (20 Sep 2017 8:50): If it wasn't clear from the above, those were two different things - Dex has complained about non-standard microUSB cables that mess up his phone's port (maybe the stay-slot that catches those two teeth?) so that the manufacturer cables that used to work fine no longer stay in when charging, but rather fall out easily. I've had cables that fall out of my whatever, and I've wondered if this was somehow the cause.

Different from the bizarre Pi issue that I've never experienced in any other context.