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m (14 Jan 2005 17:26): from a config file:

# Note that the whole file is parsed including comments on each lookup,
# so keeping the number of comments to a minimum will improve performance.
# Therefore it is not advisable to simply add lmhosts file entries onto the
# end of this file.
m (7 Aug 2005 15:46): Sloppy clicking (which I blame on my laptop touchpad) led me to find out that I can select text in an ordinary textbox and move it to some other spot in the text of that textbox. That's the shittiest feature ever. Accidental message mangling. Just what I wanted.
Paul (9 Aug 2005 9:43): There are undoubtedly severe problems with touchpad buttonless-clicking. Message-mangling is a bizarre feature of Windows, but causes no problems to non-touchpad me.
Grant (9 Aug 2005 16:16): I don't know if it's any better or worse, but certainly I turned touch-pad-clicking off on my iBook. For me, it just seems too imprecise. A lot of people do seem to use it, though.

Also, when you say 'message mangling,' do you mean the ability to drag-and-drop highlighted text? OS X does that, and I kind of think it's great. The trick is that you have to click and hold for a little bit before you can drag highlighted text; if you immediately click-drag on highlighted text, you just make a new text selection.

Of course, one reason that I think it's great is that you can drag that text onto other documents, the desktop, etc. I'm not sure if Windows lets you do that (although, if so, the blame might well be placed on developers (if it's supported by a few programs, but not enough to be generally useful), you might also say that it's not a standard that Microsoft has ever really stressed).
R (1 Dec 2015 2:28): Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music
m (1 Dec 2015 15:41): Although these symptoms may appear to be virus-like, they are the result of an electronic hardware monitoring component of the motherboard and BIOS. You may want to have your computer checked or serviced.