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wind chill

zong (22 Jan 2005 1:05): Wind chill temperature is defined to be what you expect, temperature of equivalent heat loss rate, etc. So I was reading this article, which contained this paragraph:

"So, in 2001, a gaggle of agencies from the United States and Canada—collectively, the Joint Action Group on Temperature Indices—agreed on a new formula for calculating wind chill and conducted experiments to measure exactly how much heat is lost from human skin in a windy environment. Twelve volunteers donned winter coats and walked on treadmills in a freezing wind tunnel, all while wearing thermal sensors on their faces, inside their mouths, and in their rectums."


Hmm.... College volunteers, I take it?
m (22 Jan 2005 14:19): not recta?
zong (22 Jan 2005 15:35): rectum


Now you know all the ways to say rectum in Latinglish!
"Temperature sensors were placed in the rectis of the participants."
Paul (22 Jan 2005 18:59): when "in" means "into", it takes an accusative: "recta"
zong (23 Jan 2005 12:18): That's true. Accusative is much more appropriate.
m (26 Jan 2005 8:25): you got any snow yet, paul?
it's raining here in LA. the commute will be slow.
zong (26 Jan 2005 12:57): After 2 feet of snow over the weekend in Cambridge, it's snowing again today.
m (30 Jan 2005 21:00): sounds pretty intense.
I went cycling today. Pretty sunset. I'd guess it was about 60.
Paul (31 Jan 2005 16:51): When cycling below 20F, I arrive with icicles in my beard...
zong (1 Feb 2005 12:02): I've given up on biking to school for now. In fact, it's a darn good idea when you consider that (1) since I have gotten back the temperature hasn't been above the freezing point ever until today (34F just now); (2) skin on fingers get frozen to the bone underneath; (3) flesh becomes moldable.
Grant (2 Feb 2005 19:04): It snowed in Kagawa on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The schools are basically not insulated at all, and there are a preponderance of 'breezeway' style hallways and such. It gets pretty cold. Right now, I'm taking the bus to and from school (although I bike to the bus stop), but when I return to Shiun (my other school), I'll be biking to and from work.
Still, it probably doesn't hold a candle to anywhere like Boston, New York, or any other similarly God-forsaken place.
Paul (1 Jun 2006 5:05): spooky: major global warming happened 55mya. Actually, maybe that's not so spooky, as life on earth continued and rediversified. Meh, I'm going with spooky. It also mentions deep-sea upwelling, which could be extra bad if somebody put extra CO2 there. I should check my altitude above sea level here.

Also, Philadelphia is crazy hot now. This morning my room is at 77 which feels chilly after four days between 83-93. I got an air conditioner, but it seems like such a waste of energy...