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Paul (19 Dec 2004 12:58): Wikipedia is addictive...
Paul (2 Jan 2005 11:10): Friendster is also addictive...
Paul (5 Jan 2005 19:01): Hey folks... if you get this... send me your new email addresses... as I mentioned before, mine is pgd@post.[my former college's domain]
m (9 Jan 2005 11:22): mine is
zong (10 Jan 2005 18:22): your first guess of my email address would be correct.
m (12 Jan 2005 15:28): you at your school?
zong (13 Jan 2005 0:28): yes. easy to guess.
Paul (15 Feb 2005 19:49): I've been trying to think how wiki pages might be set up mancalablog style, with as little code as possible to do the job. The current version has very little code, but doesn't really do the job...
m (23 Apr 2005 21:39): neato
Paul (31 May 2005 16:08): So I've gotten very interested in WikiTree (a freely-editable family tree of humankind), and we are pretty confused about licensing. You all like copyleft, yes? What's better, GFDL or CC-BY-SA, or something else?
sam (1 Jun 2005 2:06): wow, wikitree is small.
Paul (5 Jun 2005 17:20): trying to find a word for this concept: it's a spirit of relaxation and welcome, plus some lethargy, sometimes found on islands like Hawaii, combining well-founded optimism with a sort of Buddhist acceptance of all things, it precludes stress, it is: _______.
(5 Jun 2005 18:56): Aaand, Paul finally begins experimenting with drugs.
DK (6 Jun 2005 16:23): It turns out that Steve Jobs has apparently confessed to the hordes of Mac faithful that the next generation macintoshes will be using Intel processors.

In case you were wondering, Hell has most certainly frozen over...
sam (6 Jun 2005 16:25): intel processors? what about global warming?
Grant (6 Jun 2005 16:32): I know we all have our own little agendas and stuff, but seriously. Confessed?
Paul (24 Jan 2006 11:05): I just realized wikipedia has a detailed article on Garfield, including the legendary figures Mr. Anderson and Rick. It also says Garfield is "scheduled to be partially demolished in a sweeping 2007".
Grant (27 Jan 2006 3:09): Does that mean that I get to put all my high-school anecdotes on Wikipedia, now? I consider myself to be an expert on that subject, yes.
Paul (27 Jan 2006 4:54): The annex is mentioned, but not a word about Gusto or the weight of water....write about those and you may get wiretapped
Paul (1 Mar 2006 19:50): One Million (complete with pictures of Jimmy Wales)
Also, what is a clever response if someone says "The trouble with wiki is anyone can add junk, like, I just added junk, and it let me"?
Grant (1 Mar 2006 22:53): "You know, the problem with life is that people can be complete jerkfaces, like..."
Then punch them in the face.
Grant (1 Mar 2006 22:58): That's the argument in a nutshell, so far as I can tell. To be a little more verbose:
Life has lots of opportunities to act like a jerk. Some people do that, they act like jerks. But we still have lots of great things, despite that. And trying to fix your face and find your wallet after I mug you is a whole lot harder than reverting a few vandalized entries. Not only is it easier to fix harm, there's also no compelling incentive to damage a wiki (unlike the aforementioned face-hitting & wallet-taking scenario). So I think we can expect considerable improvement upon the already quite capable Wikipedia.
Grant (2 Mar 2006 9:00):
Counterpoint: I would much rather be banned from contributing to a wiki than be punched in the face. So I suppose you could say that there are also more discouraging factors for real-life misbehavior.
Countercounterpoint: You're pretty unlikely to "get a rise" out of wikipedia, so maybe there actually is less incentive to be a jerk on it, too.
Conclusion: There is really no incentive, and barely any risk, in attempting to vandalize the wiki. You really have to be a hardcore, just-for-the-sake-of-it jerk to want to do it.
Paul (31 Mar 2009 19:35): Quick, before they change it, check wiki's main page...I thought I had mis-typed and gotten a hoax site, but apparently real news is strange today: Museum of Bad Art, nude prime minister, computer suntanning, pay-per-view porn, and a "row of suckers".
m (31 Mar 2009 21:00): As of Apr 1 GMT, perhaps?
Paul (1 Apr 2009 3:31): That must be it... Usually wiki is more straight-laced than that.
m (1 Apr 2009 8:30): but I guess the articles are legit? At least, the dates on the ones I checked are mid-late march.
m (1 Apr 2009 8:38): Boring. Though the blogspot page is pretty ... terrible.
Any guess about the name?
R (1 Apr 2009 14:29): Seems unlikely but I thought it might be making fun of KDE? Hrm.

I did like the link to INTERCAL, though. 'Half-mesh,' har-har.
Paul (13 Sep 2009 18:58): "Bent or 'blue notes'...can be heard on any instrument capable of producing them."