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sam (9 Jan 20:54): I've been looking through some old papers lately because my parents moved out of their house. Here is one.

Sam's handwriting: Hey Grant, write a story here. --->

Grant's handwriting: Once upon a time there was a bird named Sam. Sam was eating birds one day when he felt his little birdie bones being mashed into a pulp. Sam realized he was being eaten. His little birdie feet were quickly mangled into a grotesque lump as a feline devoured him.

Sam's handwriting: Once upon a time a cow decided he wanted to eat a human. He did, but the human was very mad at him. He praised himself for doing as he did and decided she [eraser marks at gender change] was a brave cow. As it turned out, she decided she didn't like the taste of the human, and burped him out! The human was not happy. The end.

Grant's handwriting: Once upon a time there was a whale who looked surprisingly like a cat. The wale was called Annie.
m (13 Jan 17:59): ha!