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m (31 Jan 2012 12:29): Plant hardiness zones migrate north for the winter!
m (1 Feb 2012 10:46): any opinions on the subject?
G (1 Feb 2012 14:27): Kim Dotcom seems like a total asshole. His company absolutely was making almost all of its money accomodating piracy.

Then again, what an awful precedent to just blow away everybody's files and information because somebody posts something illegally.

I dunno. How do you feel about it? I'm not convinced that getting rid of MegaUpload will actually stop or even slow down piracy of software and music. But the real world doesn't seem like much of a consideration in this stuff. What did they say - $500 million in damages? Where do they even get these numbers.
NSFW (5 Feb 2012 20:56): NSFW: Nation Horrified By Carolina Panthers' Disturbingly Graphic Logo Redesign
Paul (21 Nov 2012 20:35): Wondering if I should keep reading, but this entry was totally worth reading for: "Make the World Closer"
m (21 Nov 2012 22:49): better read Raymond Carver's OkCupid profile! [mcsweeney's]!