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m (23 Sep 2011 9:17): Okay, so we've got a cute proposal that Schneier mentions. I mean, it's pretty neat. But more importantly, we get a reminder of Ken Ritchie's amazing Turing Award lecture: Reflections on Trusting Trust!
m (23 Sep 2011 9:19): Goddamnit, I meant Ken Thompson. And it's Dennis Ritchie.
m (23 Sep 2011 9:31): Further observation: Schneier's link includes the Latin for "Who watches the watchmen" (p/z, without checking, give us your guess)
z (23 Sep 2011 10:10): Guess for what, the Latin? Quis custodes custodit?
m (24 Sep 2011 8:36): SSL suffers from man-in-the-middle attacks? Oh no!
[there's a fix but the SSL3.0 that everyone uses doesn't implement it]
z (24 Sep 2011 14:56): RE: who guards the guards -- the guards can obviously guard each other; I submit that it's a false dilemma based upon the notion that "guards" act as one inseparable unit.
m (16 Dec 2011 8:42): EFF wants to replace* certificate authorities? Great!

* actually I guess augment, but I imagine that this eventually entails replacement.
Paul (17 Dec 2011 5:17): thank goodness. CAs are broken.
G (12 Jan 2012 12:44): “Christian” or “Christ-centered” were the top phrases Mormons use to describe their faith, but the #1 word the general public uses to describe Mormonism is “cult.”