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Paul (5 Feb 2010 19:33): So we watched this at work and I tried some of what it said. So when I thought on the train, "I have to take this cheesecake out of my pocket when I get home," I obediently wrote it down. And then, like magic, when I got home, I had totally forgotten about it, but my paper said, "cheesecake out of pocket" and saved me from having a stale-cheesecake-mess sit forgotten in my pocket. Is that the mark of a great system or what?
Paul (5 May 2010 19:38): If you end up with Alzheimer's, you might wish you had your mind written down.
R (10 Jun 2015 23:48): RAPPOR: Randomized Aggregatable Privacy-Preserving Ordinal Response

"The first step, called a Permanent randomized response, is used to create a “noisy” answer which is memoized by the client and permanently reused in place of the real answer. The second step, called an Instantaneous randomized response, reports on the “noisy” answer over time, eventually completely revealing it. Long-term, longitudinal privacy is ensured by the use of the Permanent randomized response, while the use of an Instantaneous randomized response provides protection against possible tracking externalities."