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m (15 Jan 2007 10:37): Plan 9?
G (15 Jan 2007 18:53): Crazy. Thinking of switching?
m (16 Jan 2007 23:13): on the logo/mascot alone.
Paul (17 Jan 2007 16:52): I'm automatically suspicious of a software paradigm that seems to make things more complicated. Or is this a case where complexity is actually a guise for simplicity? somehow?
Paul (13 Oct 2009 4:27): "While it is a paradox to go back in time and kill your grandfather, physicists agree there is no paradox if you go back in time and save him from being hit by a bus." Huh? I thought backwards time travel was ruled out by something else...
m (14 Oct 2009 7:34): It's a strange article. But also pretty awesome.
m (17 May 2017 17:06): Duck Sex and the Patriarchy