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the frosty north

m (2 Nov 2007 19:53): Here's a little northern bounty for you fellas to feast your eyes on. This stuff will potentially get me through the terrible, frozen winter.

We crushed/pressed those apples (a truckload of apples, really; this is a tiny fraction of the yield) three weeks ago. Tomorrow I'm going to "rack" it (and sample some), pulling off that pulp floating on the top (which I think I wasn't supposed to let get in there in the first place) and transferring it to another container (to get rid of the "lees", that inch of apple and dead-yeast residue at the bottom). It's supposed to age some 9 months for flavor, but as soon as it's drinkable, well, you know how it is.

If any of you guys are thinking of heading up here, this might sweeten the deal a bit.
Paul (15 Jul 2008 9:57): So I'm here in the Monterrey Mexico Int'l Airport, noticing that it's extremely sleek and efficient, when I see a computer terminal marked "Navega Gratis". It's slow, but it's free internet right here in the middle of the airport(!)
I believe the airport is "privatized", whatever that means, as its website has a weird name and a prominent link for "investors".
Paul (15 Jul 2008 10:01): Doh. Wrong website, due to funky name.
Paul (14 Feb 2011 19:22): Valentine's day when you're single is a little like Halloween: a dark, windy evening, flecked with ghosts of future and past.
Paul (30 Nov 2011 20:50): Har!
m (2 Dec 2011 10:20): I don't get it
m (2 Dec 2011 10:22): but I missed that frosty valentine's day post the first time through
Paul (3 Dec 2011 19:58): No relation. I just thought the lower 48 look funny in the corner.