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m (15 Nov 2005 1:56): Christ. Look, I'll cave on this issue: whatever I'm doing to render fonts in MS is just absurdly bad. Particularly the bold letters. Check this out: [1x] [4x]. You'll want to take a look at the magnified one. It's pretty great. Man, even the non-bold letters suck a fatster.
Grant (20 Nov 2005 13:37): My school just got some 'sempr0n' or whatever computer with WinXP Home. It renders text exactly like your screenshot. Did Microsoft just decide that font smoothing was for losers or something? Or is it a hidden option that requires multiple specialized kanji, and not just a pile of katakana (FONTO SUMUUJINGU! AWESOMU PAWAA!... check!)
m (21 Nov 2005 12:46): seriously, man -- I was looking around in various preference locations to see if I had, in a fit of madness, disabled font smoothing (you know, for better
website-rendering performance!) but I found nothing. I'll have to ask the internets for help.
m (22 Nov 2005 1:43): that was an unfortunate carriage return in the middle of that last post
G (16 May 2010 19:16): Does anybody still use IM clients anymore?
m (17 May 2010 18:22): no. And I've disabled everything resembling an IM client that's strayed into my purview: Google Chat and Facebook Ever-Seeking Tenticle
Actually, my cell phone sort of functions as an IM client now, and I do use that.
Paul (19 May 2010 4:30): Does wtalk count?