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Paul (2 Jul 2004 18:55): Newtopic now works again... sorry for the outage
m (19 Aug 2005 1:15): The Cat Returns: awesome. The Baron: dreamy!
m (14 Oct 2007 20:57): Thoreau on quines, sort of:
  My life has been the poem I would have writ,
But I could not both live and utter it.
m (28 Oct 2007 20:36): sometimes I talk to myself and pretend that I'm posting to mancala.
But irl I don't just reuse old topic-headings. I come up with new ones.
G (30 Oct 2007 11:58): You're kidding me, man.
All my dreams are about 'testing.'
G (30 Oct 2007 20:29): Sorry, no, my bad.
My dreams are all about 'test.'
m (30 Oct 2007 21:04): ah, good old 'test'