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m (12 Apr 2005 14:45): Are House Majority Leader and Speaker the same thing?
Paul (12 Apr 2005 18:01): no. The Speaker is established in the Constitution, whereas "the office of Majority Leader was created in 1899 by Speaker David B. Henderson who saw a need for a party leader on the House floor separate from the speaker himself."
m (16 Apr 2005 23:08): seperate links on the n and o. sneaky!
m (15 Dec 2012 12:57): Mac guys: tell me about termkit!
Paul, you're going to need fonts for this.
Paul (15 Apr 2013 6:32): Correction: April 11, 2013

An earlier version of this column misspelled the surname of a former Speaker of the House. It is Newt Gingrich, not Gingrinch.
m (4 May 2013 17:21): Just saw used: WYSIWTF.
Makes me happy.
m (20 Mar 2014 19:39): Vla Vla Vla-Putin
m (27 Mar 2014 12:31): That a rap artist wrote lyrics seemingly embracing the world of violence is no more reason to ascribe to him a motive and intent to commit violent acts than to saddle Dostoyevsky with Raskolnikovís motives or to indict Johnny Cash for having 'shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.'
R (13 Jan 2016 3:54): Recently I learned that a small pipe section with threads on both ends is referred to as a "nipple." I, uh, kinda don't like that. I mean, I get that it is an attachment point, but why did we need to anthropomorphize it. So an escutcheon nipple isn't a shield with a boob on it, it's a ornamental valve covering attachment thing. Now you know.
m (14 Jan 2016 10:32): maybe we can relabel ABS pipe as "intestine" while we're at it
m (14 Jan 2016 10:33): See also