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m (24 Mar 2005 16:56): Philip Greenspun talks up something which, at first glance, I can only think of as dubious at best. I'm skeptical of anything with "AOL" tattooed across it (with the exception of my penis (tm)), and rightfully so. The problem is, I think Philip Greenspun is pretty smart, I've grown quite fond of tcl (in the context of ns-2) and scariest of all it looks good, in the not-evil sense of the word. Clearly it's not the case that AOL has turned over a new leaf. But what happened?
Grant (24 Mar 2005 19:16): Wow. Stupid. On many levels.
Grant (24 Mar 2005 19:17): Wow. Stupid. On many levels.
Paul (24 Mar 2005 19:43): Well, Tcl looks a lot cleaner than CF at least (compare below). And I don't see how AOL's use of Tcl contaminates Tcl itself...
set a 7
if {$a > 4} {puts "a ($a) is more than 4 in Tcl"}

<cfset a = 7>
<cfif a gt 4>
<cfoutput>a (#a#) is more than 4 in ColdFusion</cfoutput>
m (25 Mar 2005 1:05): sorry -- confusing pronouns. Anyhow, assume that AOLServer, not tcl, was the appropriate antecedent for most of them. my question: is AOLServer the shit that I intuitively expect it to be, or actually good, the way it seems like it might be?
Paul (25 Mar 2005 20:36): AOLServer is probably better than, say, MS Personal Web Server, but I'd still put my money on various Apache/Tcl efforts...
Paul (24 Oct 2011 18:41): finally, a better explanation of git