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m (17 Jan 2016 19:37): (Thread Police: all of our old rss reader talk is filed under Google)

My 1 year subscription to bazqux just ran out. Not that I didn't think it was great (it was great!) but I couldn't talk myself into more spend. So now I've got a tt-rss install!
R (22 Jan 2016 0:54): How's that going? Do you sync it with any mobile devices, or is the web interface OK on mobile (or do you not check RSS all day every day).
m (22 Jan 2016 17:00): Still trying to sort it all out.

There's a tt-rss app (with source!) that I haven't tried yet. Dreamhost won't let me run a daemon that's always updating things (which I guess makes sense), but is happy to give me a cron job. TT-RSS let's me publish to a public feed (actually, I think I can put arbitrary things in the public feed, too, which is interesting). So it's decent, but I'm not in love with the web interface. I don't usually check RSS on the phone, but maybe I'd like the app.

But I'm almost happier with Newsbeuter. The interface is lightweight and anti-mouse. It's extensible in all the right ways. With a simple script I can get it to publish to a public feed. And reading things in a console is mostly good. Except for when that's garbage. It's easy enough to open-in-browser, but, you know. So that one's not perfect either.
m (23 Feb 2016 11:54): Did I remember to link my public tt-rss feed? Well, here it is if I didn't:
Path:    /tt-rss/public.php?
?:       op=rss&id=-2&view-mode=all_articles&key=bixval56a2cb234a5e2

And here's a related thing I was just wondering: is it possible to make a page that transparently gives you another non-local page (the way `ln -s` symlinks local things)? i.e. can I make a file that server-side grabs my tt-rss/public.php/key=whatever and passes it on transparently? That should be easy, right?
R (28 Feb 2016 0:38): I don't think you did, thanks for the link!
m (29 Jun 2016 18:04):

Mass audiences may live on social media, but trying to be a personal publisher within that cesspool seems like a Faustian bargain.

Well, that seems unfair -- at least the devil felt obligated to do cool shit for Faust for 24 years in exchange for his soul -- nobody will give you that sort of value for your soul in an algorithmically optimized feed!
m (25 Jul 2016 15:00): Reed you read through that x-files script? I thought it was great right up until the lame ending.