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m (14 Jun 2006 5:18): Hey! Stephen Hawking conjectures that if we (humanity) can hold out another hundred years, we'll be safe (sort of)!
Paul (16 Jan 2008 18:45): So this guy was setting me up with an account on his server, and it comes time for me to type a password, and he clicks to another xterm and types "setxkbmap us"...
"Wait," I exclaim, "do you use Dvorak?"
"Yes," says he.
"Then you don't have to change it; I use Dvorak too."
(17 Jan 2008 14:56): My hands trembled with excitement as they met his on the keyboard. He visibly stiffened as I caressed his wrists, his long fingers, but soon he relaxed and began to caress my hands, as well. Slowly he worked his long hands, slightly calloused from long typing sessions, up my arms to the hem of thrift-store t-shirt.
m (18 Jan 2008 6:55): I see a future for you on
Paul (27 Feb 2008 14:42): "If you randomly changed some of the letters in this sentence, you’d bost likfly git rubbizh."
Paul (12 Dec 2009 10:50):
G (12 Dec 2009 16:37): WTF.
R (12 Dec 2009 18:57): The only possible explanation is that God is getting back in the game. Suck it, atheists.
m (12 Dec 2009 23:28): alternatively: Widespread use of psychedelics hasn't declined the way you thought it had.
G (13 Dec 2009 3:40): Also getting back into the game: ghosts, curses, reincarnation, planetary alignments.
R (15 Dec 2009 10:44): AKA, "God's natural allies", duh. And you forgot about Yoga.
m (15 Dec 2009 12:32): and Yoda.
Paul (15 Dec 2009 15:57): We could do such a graph for mblog users only. It could be like:
born 0 times: 100%
born 1 time: 0%
born 2 or more times: 0%
Paul (16 Dec 2009 16:00): Deep thought: Avocados are good in theory, but not always in practice.
Paul (16 Dec 2009 19:24): nytimes has printed the word "bitch" at least online. They used to always euphemize these things.
m (18 Dec 2009 12:20): does the FCC fine newspapers?
m (18 Dec 2009 12:22): no, that seems unlikely. And I suppose it does with radio/TV because they're using public chunks of the frequency spectrum and those are well regulated?
Paul (30 May 2011 7:58): Fun fun, if you think the pain of being unable to type a desired symbol is fun.

setxkbmap us dvorak-intl
xmodmap -e "keycode 24 = apostrophe quotedbl dead_acute dead_diaeresis dead_acute dead_diaeresis"
xmodmap -e "keycode 15 = 6 asciicircum 6 asciicircum onequarter dead_circumflex"
xmodmap -e "keycode 49 = grave asciitilde grave asciitilde dead_grave dead_tilde"
xmodmap -pke | grep dead
m (31 May 2011 12:06): wait, I don't get it
m (31 May 2011 12:06): Your number 6 is dead?
m (31 May 2011 12:16): Your number 6 is a onequarter dead circumflex?
m (31 May 2011 12:16): and this is related to proliferation?
Paul (2 Jun 2011 18:55): The proliferation of posts nobody understands is the essence of mancalablog.
G (11 Jun 2011 15:20): So, it's not a cell-phone, but I guess a neck-speaker is better than nothing.
m (11 Jun 2014 8:23): BEST GROCERY STORE MAPS! So many regional ones that I've never heard of.
m (11 Jun 2014 8:24): Piggly Wiggly