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m (28 Aug 2005 20:02): I was reading the Errata for K&R 2nd edition (I'm going to put that in a future personal ad -- likes to curl up by the fire on a saturday night and read Errata for K&R) and saw something about changing an argv[0]++ because writing to argv elements isn't explicitly allowed in ANSI C, though neither is it forbidden, and this made me think of how assigns to _GET[] and about how writing non-portable code that's clean is much sexier than writing ugly robust portable code.
The commandments link mandates explicit return value checking so that a line like
(a = (char *) malloc(LINE_LENGTH))[0] = '\0';
doesn't haunt you when you've run out of memory, or something, and a is NULL. but that's lame. if you've run out of memory, go ahead and seg fault. a little core never hurt anyone.
m (5 Feb 2007 13:33): You guys know Brainfuck? Well, it's awesome. A classic. Now for lovers and non-lovers alike, there's the even more gorgeous SNUSP.

What a shitty name, though.
G (19 Jan 2012 18:40): Programming funnies: wat
Paul (14 May 2012 10:19): fun fact: the CIP code for "Computer and Information Sciences, General" is 11.0101
Paul (12 Jul 2012 18:16): How to safely store a password
Paul (2 Aug 2012 17:33): For reference: An Open Letter to Javascript Leaders Regarding Semicolons
G (3 Aug 2012 0:11): Literary Programmer sounds like a cool guy!
R (22 Aug 2013 23:55): Simulating Constrained Retrocomputing Color Palettes in iOS
m (26 Aug 2013 8:14): I want that RMS was right shirt.
G (26 Aug 2013 17:44): It seems the largest sub-population of "X was right" t-shirts is for "Cyclops."
Second largest is "Magneto."
R (3 Dec 2015 3:27): sRGB, Gamma, and You: What To Expect When You're Reflecting

(that is not the real title jk but it is about srgb and kinda interesting)
m (3 Dec 2015 10:24): Save that title for future use!
m (3 Dec 2015 10:47): 'filtering' and 'texture filtering' are mentioned a few times in the article -- what is that?

Also: Luma/Chroma!