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m (30 Jun 2011 14:54): The Oxford Comma
Paul (30 Jun 2011 20:36): Journalistic objectivity demands to present the fact that the Oxford comma, endearing as it is, creates equally many ambiguities as it resolves. For examples, see wiki.
G (30 Jun 2011 21:33): Yeah. But it's still better in my book, because without it we have one more exception in English. "Commas between entries in a list" vs. "Commas between most entries in a list"
z (30 Jun 2011 21:45): Forget the Oxford comma, how about the comma inside apostrophe? Apparently it's for typesetting pleasantness (so it looks good). With dynamic typesetting, this is the one that should really go.
m (1 Jul 2011 10:31): yeah, I've always hated that one!
G (1 Jul 2011 12:56): Yeah, but... It really does look bad. Maybe we can have the period put directly below the quotation mark? It would not be helpful at all. Or else maybe punctuation that is not so far apart (the very top and very bottom of a line)
Paul (4 Jul 2011 7:58): I think if we used some kind of corner brackets, then most possible logical orders would look fine. Maybe some would still look terrible, though.
    I told them ⸢I can make your punctuation look terrible.⸥, then ran away.
m (4 Jul 2011 8:21): Is that supposed to be on the "terrible" side of things? Because I think it looks decent, and it's nice and easy to parse. Yay corner brackets!