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m (27 Feb 2009 2:38): jesus christ, my knee is astonishingly swollen.
G (27 Feb 2009 5:28): good thing you don't have to stand on it all day at work or something
Paul (27 Feb 2009 20:23): 2:38: my knee is astonishingly swollen
13:33: I want to hit the square dance
Hmm...maybe m'blog needs to somehow thwart cross-thread muckraking.
m (28 Feb 2009 0:26): I _did_ give it til monday to heal.
m (3 Mar 2009 12:14): solo.
G (3 Mar 2009 15:37): Last of the auto polo pictures.
The first two were admittedly better.
Paul (4 Mar 2009 17:14): Oh, now I get it, it's like bike polo but with more danger and exhaust. I was rather slow on this.