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Paul (19 May 2004 12:32): So I think php is a little bulky, now that I'm used to perl. Like, why does array_map require an actual function, instead of just letting you write something right there? Well, anyway. I guess I shouldn't diss php too much given that it's operating this pretty handily.
Paul (19 May 2004 13:01): By the way, you can view the php code for this page at code.cgi.
Paul (19 May 2004 16:20): Also, you may wonder why all my pages are *.cgi if they're written in php. I wonder that myself. Apparently that's what Harvard requires. Strange, ne?
Mike (22 May 2004 8:54): looks good. I think you might have problems once you're over 65535 bytes of blog with whatever entry happens to span the boundary. Or maybe I'm jealous because your blog code is much shorter than mine.
Paul (24 May 2004 6:15): Well, I should show the code for the "post" and "addpost" pages instead of just the index page. I think showing it to the world, however, is a good incentive to write efficient code.
Paul (26 May 2004 17:05): Actually, I was about to show the addpost.cgi code, but then I thought that's inviting people to hack through security holes like buffer overruns... Where can I get good info about making php code secure?
mike (30 May 2004 23:44): I think perl has some sort of sandbox feature that's related to security. perhaps php posesses some similar safeguard.
vague enough suggestion? I think that the sandbox applies to executed code - but really, how many buffers are there? just make sure that they don't overrun.