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Paul (16 Aug 2009 16:57): So facebook conjures up 27 'suggestions' of people I might know, and I really do know 15 of the 27. But what's spooky is, it includes my dad and my ex-girlfriend with whom I have no mutual facebook friends. Is facebook using data from the internet at large to make these predictions? How does it know who I know like that?
G (16 Aug 2009 17:06): I'm thinking that it uses friends-of-friends and location data to make those suggestions.
Paul (16 Aug 2009 18:20): But that's what I'm saying---I don't know of any such links that would connect me to them. Okay, I guess both my dad and I have friends near Philly and Seattle, and maybe it notices our same last name... but I can't even think up that kind of stretched logic for other uncanny suggestions. Only if it does creepy off-site-trawling or perhaps if it remembers who's ever searched for who?
G (16 Aug 2009 18:30): I really just don't think they'd bother with off-site crawling. It sounds like a lot of effort.
Also keep in mind that you can make suggestions. When you have two people in your friends list who haven't friended each other, you can say "I think these two people might know each other."
I don't know how likely that is if you really don't have any friends in common, but it just seems more likely that they'd look for correlations in the data that the users are handing them than that they'd decide to run internet searches for all of their users.
G (16 Aug 2009 18:32): And what I meant was that it would see that you have many friends-of-friends in common, not that you would actually have mutual friends. As far as I know, the site does not actually list friends-of-friends, however, so this is hard to corroborate.
Paul (6 Mar 2011 10:14): Okay, this week Facebook doesn't let me "suggest" a page to friends. Sounds like they had trouble with too many people suggesting too many pages to too many friends. What a broken system. Is it time to start using Appleseed or Diaspora yet?
(6 Mar 2011 12:07): thats APPURUSHIIDO, noob
G (6 Mar 2011 20:01): Seriously, though.
Was that a good feature? Seems like you could just send a message with an URL.
I'm all for Facebook alternatives, though.
Paul (8 Jun 2011 19:21): This time, you know how facebook uses javascript to continue making your news feed longer as you scroll down, so you never reach the bottom? But this time, it got into some kind of funk and kept repeating the same news items (about 30 of them, so it took a while to realize they were repeating over and over and over again). But it didn't just repeat the same ones only, it also mixed in a few new ones every time to throw me off its trail.
z (13 Jun 2011 10:35): It does eventually stop and says "no more"... you haven't been persistent enough.
R (13 Jun 2011 23:31): When I've seen this, I also tend to get errors trying to click on comments or view pictures. Errors stating:
"Something wrong happened, please close and reopen the window." Which is fucking terrible, but does seem to work. I hate closing windows! Time to listen to some smooth jazz.
m (31 Jan 2015 7:45): gets a profile in the New Yorker!