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no child left behind

m (20 Jan 2010 13:10): From yesterday's daily show (paul, I know you can't watch it; streaming video and all): Obama suffers "from the hard bigotry of high expectations."
So clever!
G (21 Jan 2010 12:29): Salon of Shame tickets go on sale THIS SUNDAY.
R (21 Jan 2010 15:56): Salon of Shame is a 21+ event, and babes in arms are not admitted.
Paul (22 Jan 2010 3:31): no, I can't watch it. There are plenty of video formats I can watch, but they're always coming up with new ones like this just to aggravate me. On 21 May 2009 Adobe filed a DMCA removal request on a Sourceforge-hosted implementation of the protocol
m (22 Jan 2010 10:15): but then "On Monday, June 15, 2009 Adobe released the RTMP Specification" - can't make up their minds?
G (23 Jan 2010 12:23): Seriously, guys. Set your alarms now. Don't miss it. Can't guarantee tickets for anybody who doesn't get their own, this time.
m (24 Jan 2010 13:11): Got two. Tried for four, but they were sold out at 1:03.
m (5 Feb 2010 11:24): Dex, you understand the nclb changes in this new budget proposal? I hear something like "more teacher focused", but I don't know what that means.
Paul (6 Feb 2010 14:33): sounds like more of the same, tempered by better funding. They're going to keep trying to understand the problems, but no solutions are obvious, and no non-obvious solutions are mentioned.