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sam (16 Mar 2005 0:28): i'm going to see the pillows on sunday, and the thermals on tuesday! w00t! both concerts are in new york.
sam (16 Mar 2005 0:29): so feel better grant, there is good evidence that your music recommendations are worth something.
Grant (16 Mar 2005 7:16): I am so envious.
Be sure to make off with lots of swag!
I hear the Thermals 'have a good show,' even though they don't actually have that many 'good songs.' No Culture Icons is quite the diamond in the rough, though.
My expectations for the Pillows would be hard to communicate. Almost as hard as it probably would be for the members of the Pillows to communicate in English, judging by their lyrics. Haha!
Okay, so I want you to record the sensory input in your brain so I can play back the experience, okay? Okay.
sam (16 Mar 2005 9:34): actually, i picked up their first album and i really like it! no culture icons is a far cry from their only good song.
Grant (17 Mar 2005 0:17): Oh, no! I need to revise my previous post to fall into line with Sam's opinion, but I can't!!
No, seriously, though - I haven't the album, so that shows how much I know.
Grant (17 Mar 2005 15:09): Somebody should set up an SFTP or something so I can fill their hard drive with crap.
Wait -
Hey, Paul - can I get an account on ipala, or what?
m (18 Mar 2005 11:48): you just said "I haven't the album"
that makes you a pussy.
m (18 Mar 2005 20:01): in all fairness, I'm pretty sure some dude called me a pussy today for driving around in a light-purple car.
(21 Mar 2005 8:28): You're one to talk. Listening to fag music like Enya makes you a pussy, you pussy.
Aerosmith is the best band ever.
m (30 Jul 2005 8:54): ride on shooting star!
sam (31 Jul 2005 19:00): oh man, i wanted to see the pillows so bad. but they traded slots with some other band called noodles and i had to catch a train home.
G (31 Jul 2005 19:02): Funny you should mention that -
I sang 'Ride on Shooting Star' at karaoke on Saturday, in celebration of the new JETs arriving.
Grant (9 Aug 2005 9:20): Random music: Singer Songer
It's kind of poppy and whatever. This doesn't actually represent an endorsement, I've only listened to some of the tracks myself. Some of it I kinda liked, though, I think. of a certain African game, starts with M)/

Probably only up for a week or something, maybe I'll throw something else up later... Or even upload some music.
(9 Aug 2005 9:30): Yeah. I put some other stuff up there that I know I like, so check that out, too!
Grant (9 Aug 2005 16:17): Uh, pardon me. That game should be in lower case, by the way.

Starts with 'm.'
m (10 Aug 2005 22:23): NPR's All Songs Considered has a wealth of eclectic, interesting, independent music in its archives. They turned me on to a bunch of cool stuff I've been listening to lately. woo!
m (4 Oct 2005 22:11): Rufus Wainwright. saucy.
m (5 Oct 2005 15:04): rock on k-recs
(7 Oct 2005 2:00): Rock over Chicago.
Wheaties... Breakfast of Champions.
m (7 Oct 2005 17:39): Azure Ray is pretty sweet. Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor have good solo albums, too.
Grant (18 Oct 2005 7:32): I have an SFTP server thingy. You should get stuff off of it. You can upload things onto it, too. I've even got the users 'bell' and 'dex' set up, but I have to set the password to something or something. What's a good temp password? Obviously you can log in and change it.
m (4 Nov 2005 19:21): Spoon - Gimme Fiction. Fucking hot.
m (4 Nov 2005 19:23): grant, I needs me some SFTP -- actually, is there any way to change an ftp password from ftp? Though if you're good for sftp, it means you've got some kind of ssh daemon going, eh?
G (7 Nov 2005 17:33): Yes, that's the plan - When I say 'sftp,' I really mean that you have a shell account, too. So, it should be no problem, right?

I'll try to reset the password, and send you the pertinent details via a friendster message, I guess...
G (7 Nov 2005 17:37): Although, it would really be more convenient if you just told me what password you use for everything, and I'd set it up for you. Just post your password here; I won't tell. :P
G (9 Nov 2005 3:46): So, looks like you got it working, right?

My user name/home directory is 'grza,' and there should be a directory called 'FTP share' or something in it. You should have permissions to upload to it and such, just be nice about the permissions - otherwise, I'll have to ask for you to delete them yourself after a month or two.

Also - any requests?
m (9 Nov 2005 10:31): What do you think of Plans -- had much of a chance to listen to it? Critics seem to think it's DCFC's best yet, but I don't know.
G (24 Nov 2005 7:33): Laura Veirs!
I assume everybody just sorts FTP files by date modified.
It's like a thread view for files!
m (24 Nov 2005 9:16): I know man, she's hot!
Laura Veirs (24 Nov 2005 16:41):
m (25 Nov 2005 0:08): I meant it in the more general sense, as in Sweet or Rockin, but she a looker too.
Grant (27 Nov 2005 15:53): Yeah, I know. And I didn't mean for that to be any sort of real commentary on her looks, either. But I had some time, so I went and found a picture of her, and then I did what I do with all of the crap I see on the internet - I foisted it off on somebody else.
G (27 Nov 2005 15:58): Also, the Quotation Union has accused the two capital letters 'S' and 'V' of unfair competition.
G (27 Nov 2005 15:58): V EQUALS R
Grant (12 Dec 2005 1:07): Have you guys listened to the Oricon (think pop music chart) top 30 for the week of 12/12?
It's not all good, or anything, but it might be interesting just as a slice of day-to-day life in Japan.
And, you know, you'll probably like some of it. If you, uh, like Japanese pop.
"Bold and Delicious" is terrible, though, in my opinion. Garbage.
And if you're lucky, maybe your MP3 player will parse the tags correctly (read: the same way the tagger's MP3 player did)! Mine sure didn't. Maybe I'll put up two versions, 'cause otherwise it might be hard to figure out what's what. Or I could put up a version that's been English-fied, but that'd be a lot of work, y'know?