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m (14 Jul 2012 19:47): So the bad interface for Netflix streaming, its crappy searching, its limited selection - whatever - I got grumpy and canceled our subscription. But I'm worried I'll miss the ability to browse by category, list similar titles, etc. Surely there's a movie database out there that's well tagged/categorized with good searching and browsing. IMDB is annoying, but it's the only thing I've got so far. rottentomatoes doesn't even try.

You guys know of anything? Maybe even a tracker? I know the one I use for music has exactly what I'm talking about. Just not for movies.
m (16 Jul 2012 10:10): nothing?
G (17 Jul 2012 21:47): Netflix killed off a bunch of its API to stop people scraping that kind of stuff off their catalog, I think I remember hearing about.
m (18 Jul 2012 13:56): what about imdb? Have they got an api to make scraping their tagging/simliar-titles doable? I just kind of hate how commercial their site feels and want to avoid it if there's a good alternative (which there must be, right?).
m (18 Jul 2012 14:14): Or maybe some clever wikipedia scraping? What if we were to crawl through movies/tv shows (from the movie lists/tv show lists) and make a similarity comparison based on similar category links at the end of the entry?