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m (14 Jan 2005 18:04): Lesson of the day: the concept of Windows domains and specifically Windows Domain Controllers, is screwed up. I can only log onto my (win2k) work computer with the administrator account now, and tech support tells me that the only way for me to fix this is to mail them the laptop. I just tried pretty hard with some VPN weirdness, but failed to get me back on the domain.
zong (15 Jan 2005 0:48): Did you lose your Active Directory tie-in thingamajig?
Paul (15 Jan 2005 8:04): I will second that domain controllers can be screwy, in the sense that we can't browse our local network at work for the last month or so, and our sysadmins (who otherwise can fix anything and everything in half a minute) say it's a domain controller prob.
m (11 Nov 2005 19:48): Do you think there are more words in the english language, or more occurances of the letter E in those words? more-words seems like the favorite in that fight, but I don't know -- there are probably plenty of doubles and triples. maybe even enough to counterbalance the no-Es.
m (2 Jul 2011 9:15): pork!
m (20 Mar 2012 7:07): I just read that impregnable and impregnate do not share a common root. Is this possible? My world just got turned upside-down! (Also: sorry ladies, I may have some explaining to do)
Paul (24 Mar 2012 18:24): Sounds plausible. To start with, "im" means "not" versus "in(to)". Online etymology dictionaries confirm it..