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R (13 Jan 2008 22:36): So - how do you tell if mugicha that has been in your fridge, opened for a couple if weeks, is bad?


Well, after testing various flavor pairings with Jones Green Apple soda, and finding it lacking, I tried mixing it 50/50 with mugicha. Looks like... sewage. But, The Jones was far too sweet to begin with, and it comes out not too bad. If you trust my opinion on such. However, the Jones Peach soda is a vastly more versatile suitor for ladies liquor. (Not necessarily ladies' liquor, mind you.)
Grant (14 Jan 2008 4:58): Man, I'm not entirely sure.
Except that I did at one point have a 2l bottle of it (may have been Oolong, actually) that I was keeping outside of my tiny refrigerator. And eventually, yes, it did go bad. It was actually really hard to tell. But it tasted... different. And a little... spicy. It probably did take a couple weeks to get that far, though. Also, I kept drinking it and not feeling good.
G (14 Jan 2008 13:05): I like how I capitalized 'oolong.' Maybe I was thinking about the rabbit.
Yeah... that's the ticket.
DK (19 Jan 2008 17:47): Heh, that's quite funny. Why would it be spicy though, I'm not sure I understand that...
G (19 Jan 2008 22:01): Whatever's growing in it tastes spicy...
Paul (2 Jun 2016 11:19): Sign at The Melt: Our fountain soda is 100% high-fructose free. Because syrup is for pancakes and you didn't order pancakes.
m (5 Jun 2016 22:46): "fountain soda" is a nice phrase