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p (10 Jun 2008 7:19): tr6.mp3
R (10 Jun 2008 18:09): Did you make that?
G (12 Jun 2008 18:40): I just thought this (and this) was funny. I guess there's more, too.
Paul (16 Jul 2008 7:07): Have you noticed that, in Internet Explorer, sometimes it won't let you save a particular URL *unless* you find a link to it so you can click "save link as". Fortunately, mblog has the capability of creating the link I need. It is a rather bizarre workaround.
G (18 Jul 2008 12:47): No, actually, I hadn't noticed what Internet Explorer does...Maybe you need to use a download manager? :P
If you hit option-enter after putting in an URL in Safari, it will just download whatever. (Option is used for saving links instead of Shift on Macs)
I don't know about Windows Safari, but I suspect you can use the shift key instead, over there.
R (22 Jul 2008 21:07): Web-comic, on "hiatus" since 2006 - A Lesson is Learned, But the Damage is Irreversible.
Damn, just read that title again. You love it. There are only around 40 entries, so you may as well read it all. Some of my favorites:
Caroline's Doppelganger
I Came About the Job
Now is Not Good
Christmas Disaster Special
Art is by David Hellman, who also did the artwork for Braid, a forthcoming 2D time-manipulation puzzle platformer for 360 and PC.
R (1 Aug 2008 8:51): Crooked Timber was mentioned back in 2005 by G in the "blogs" topic (since unused), but they had a recent post that I thought was pretty funny (maybe I should cross-post to 'humor'...). You might think so too!
Conference Bingo
The comments contain most of the funny, and as usual for CT, are of good quality (crazy!).
G (11 Aug 2008 0:21): I'm sure it isn't new, but I just saw it again. The RIAA Radar.
Lots of people talk about boycotting the RIAA, but a tool like this makes it really feasible.
G (25 Aug 2008 0:51): : YouTube Comment Snob in action.
m (3 Sep 2008 21:11): Nixtamalization
G (4 Sep 2008 10:25): Palin Plays the Gender Card, from the Daily Show.
G (4 Sep 2008 10:29): From
"Flag burning just got easier. Rather than spend good money and buy a cloth flag to burn, just click on the image at the top of this page which links you to a larger version. Then save the file and print it out (landscape mode) to your color printer. Then all you have to do is burn the paper."

Hey, thanks!!
m (9 Sep 2008 15:48): "I can get on board with that, as a worst case scenario at least that is"
m (26 Sep 2008 19:50): direct link to streaming (typo: steaming) pres debates:
m (27 Sep 2008 7:29): first one: exceptionally dull
m (2 Oct 2008 13:15): VP debate tonight?
m (7 Oct 2008 8:47): You guys West Wing fans? Maureen Dowd got Aaron Sorkin to write a quick screenplay of a meeting in which Jed Bartlett gives advice to Obama. I mean, I don't know, I've used him as an escapist-retreat during the last eight years so of course I think the whole thing is delightful.
G (7 Oct 2008 17:57): I had this one picture on my hard drive since a long time ago.
I finally found out where it's from.
G (7 Oct 2008 18:03): And this is why.
R (31 Oct 2008 10:10): Banksy’s Village Petstore and Charcoal Grill. Needs flash.
m (3 Nov 2008 19:47): elinks: color(ed text), ssl, tabbed browsing, wonderful speed/footprint. no javascript. no flash. image display with external programs only.
I don't know. it's limiting, but it's what I've got.

Explain this petstore/charcoal grill thing.
G (3 Nov 2008 21:26): You might be better finding a computer that has flash and looking at it that way. I found a video on youtube that's not as good as the real site. And it still requires flash. So I don't think it's really that helpful. Although I guess you could download the .flv file from YouTube and play it with VLC or mplayer or something.
G (4 Nov 2008 3:37): Wow! Did you guys know about the Miss Russian Army beauty contest?

Japan! Look at this! You are falling behind Russia? I am very disappointed. I want you to start working on this ASAP.
m (4 Nov 2008 8:25): yes, you've never had much tolerance for this tiddling with underpowered machines.

But it's an xo! And the 400MHz cpu / 256 MB ram combo just won't cut the firefox cake.
G (4 Nov 2008 8:51): For what it's worth, I didn't mean, 'find in an abandoned garbage can,' I meant, 'find at a campus, library, etc.' Although there certainly is some precedent for the former! Hee hee.
G (23 Nov 2008 20:18): MS Paint Adventures is amazing.<a/>
Jailbreak, where it all begins.
Bard Quest, where it all continues.
...and Problem Sleuth, where it's all awesome.
G (23 Nov 2008 20:18): Lol hyperlinks
Paul (21 Dec 2008 16:52): I'm up to step 814 of Problem Sleuth, but now it's totally confusing.
G (21 Dec 2008 18:09): Oh, man, I totally remember that part. It was awesome!
G (21 Dec 2008 18:14): But if that's not very reassuring, just wait until step 843: "This is getting kind of confusing."
G (5 Feb 2009 22:06): I set up a nico video account for Andy Baio today.
R (6 Feb 2009 2:09): Other people's nostalgia is still great.
m (6 Feb 2009 3:38): Obama don't take shit from nobody.
m (6 Feb 2009 13:36): Other people's nostalgia is strange. Bet the board started at; coit was taken, and it's funnier with the transposition?
m (7 Feb 2009 3:03): Never knew who Doctorow was before, besides from (bizarrefrequent) xkcd refs. But great fucking essay.
m (7 Feb 2009 11:38): wait, did mancala strip my slash, or was it just late at night? bizarrefrequent, bizarre/frequent
m (7 Feb 2009 11:39): sure enough.
G (10 Feb 2009 3:07): Oh, man. Look at this guy's shirt! Are these removable collars!?!?!
m (10 Feb 2009 13:59): George Clooney with the eyebrows of that FLCL guy?
G (10 Feb 2009 19:10): You mean Amarao!
...No, I could never remember his name, either.
G (10 Feb 2009 19:16): Wow, check out these traditional Japanese colors!!!!
Of note here: Kitsurubami = light brown.
G (8 Mar 2009 19:42): Here we have a picture of a pervert that was caught stealing a school girl's uniform.
G (11 Mar 2009 1:34): Problem Sleuth, the main adventure at MS Paint Adventures, has now been completed. Andrew says he's planning on adding a couple epilogue pages.

3 detectives
365 days
1621 pages
1915 images
142 megabytes
45,000 words
0 sacred urns toppled
0 mystic ruins desecrated
0 hallowed tombs defiled
G (17 Mar 2009 11:42): Hark, a Vagrant! has just added an RSS feed:

m (6 Apr 2009 13:02): Omegle. Opinions? I think it's brilliant.
G (6 Apr 2009 13:55): Yeah! I was trying that out a couple days ago. It's pretty cool.
Although... I don't know how much I'll actually use it.
m (6 Apr 2009 18:57): 4chan is weird.
R (6 Apr 2009 19:40): Original content? On MY mancala? It's less likely than you think.

d00d, 4chan threads last under 9000 seconds, unlike mancalala. Every day is re-post/re-host day? It seems so annoying to put things up at photobucket, though.
m (6 Apr 2009 20:45): ugh. I noticed the quick 404s. And now keep thinking in horribly transmuted 4chan-speak. It's unnervingly compelling.
Paul (7 Apr 2009 7:00): huh? what are you all talking about? What is re-post/re-host day? What quick 404s?
signed, the slowest guy in the lab
m (7 Apr 2009 18:11): clear your cache and click on '4chan is weird' again.
R (7 Apr 2009 22:30): Still a 404 at 4chan?
m (7 Apr 2009 23:46): wait - was it initially? Fuck!
m (8 Apr 2009 0:07): I just meant the 404 (though I imagined now and not prior) as explanation
G (8 Apr 2009 0:42): The 404 page features a random image, so I thought that's what you were referring to with clearing the cache.
m (8 Apr 2009 13:40): Clearly I have no clue how internets work. Paul, source of all confusion: behavior of 4chan servers wrt images uploaded / posts made and duration before links to these give 404s (posts: something like, aw fuck I only just now realized Reed was making a joke. fail.)
Paul (10 Apr 2009 6:52): Okay, so all I've ever gotten from m's original link (6 Apr 18:57) are 4chan's silly 404 messages (indeed they are silly). Was it an actual link to an actual image at one point? And then it turned into a 404 because 4chan pulls down images really quickly? In that case I think I "get" this thread up until m (7 Apr 23:46) where I get really lost.
G (10 Apr 2009 10:42): Good job, Mike.

I will now break down the full series of events.
1) m links to a funny picture from 4chan that somehow demonstrated that '4chan is weird.'
1b) The link breaks immediately.
2) People look at the link, and see the 404 page. Reed's comments imply this, but perhaps only to those know a lot of 4chan memes.
3) m looks at a 4chan 404 page, and thinks it is also weird, and so can also be considered a good example of his original sentiment. He instructs us to 'clear our caches' so that we can see the 404 page.
4) Reed's again implies that the original was a 404 for everybody whose name is not mike.
5) Mike says 'fuck.' :D
6) I mention (inform) that the 404 picture for 4chan is randomly chosen.
7) Mike gets the 'over 9000' joke.

Recap time! Nobody but Mike ever saw the original image. But it was weird! Nobody saw them because files are not kept for very many seconds on their server (UNDER 9000!). Solution? Re-post/re-host them on another image hosting site before posting a link, although it is very annoying, because it makes a one-step process into, like, a four-step process.

"X in [b]MY[/b] Y? [i]It's more likely than you think.[/i]" Is also a meme based on a common internet popup advertisement. COMMENCE LOL'ING.
G (10 Apr 2009 10:45): Also, BBCode is satan.

2b) Paul is like, 'what?'
?) Paul is like, 'Oh, okay.'
7b) Paul is like, '... wait, what?'
8) Beating a dead horse
G (14 Apr 2009 20:29): Oh, look, a database of memes.
Paul (15 Apr 2009 3:31): meemz! Also Encyclopedia Dramatica...
G (24 Apr 2009 6:33): MS Paint Adventures continues to be totally amazing.
The streets are empty. Wind skims the voids keeping neighbors apart, as if grazing the hollow of a cut reed, or say, a plundered mailbox.
A familiar note is produced. It's the one Desolation plays to keep its instrument in tune.

It is your thirteenth birthday, and as with all twelve preceding it, something feels missing from your life.
The game presently eluding you is only the latest sleight of hand in the repertoire of an unseen riddler, one to engender a sense not of mirth, but of lack.
His coarse schemes are those less of a prankster than a common pickpocket. His riddle is Absence itself.
It is a mystery dispersing altogether, like the moon's faint reflection, with even one pebble of inquiry dropped in its black well. It is the most diabolical riddle of all.

"Absence diminishes little passions and increases great ones, as wind extinguishes candles and fans a fire." -Walt Whitman

Yes, you are certain Walt Whitman said that. One hundred percent positive.

You have a feeling it's going to be a long day.
G (19 May 2009 20:16): So hungry...
G (20 May 2009 0:40): a wolf, maybe?
m (21 May 2009 19:12): From npr:
Pelosi was still serving on the San Francisco Library Commission when Cheney moved up to chief of staff in the White House of President Gerald Ford. That was in 1975.
G (25 May 2009 2:28): I guess there's now a periodical in japan devoted to male cross-dressers.
Everybody's like, "wait, you mean there wasn't before?"
It costs 3000 yen, but comes with a DVD and stuff.

It also claims to have been 'born amidst a cross-dressing fad,' but uh, I don't know man.
Maybe it's just you?
R (27 May 2009 15:13): "Welcome Great Paul"
No subtext, just an amusing image.
R (24 Jun 2009 20:22): Here is a joke post (via crooked timber) that everyone can enjoy — A Sense of the Passed
bro (25 Jun 2009 11:26): and non-bro, alike.
Darth Vader (25 Jun 2009 13:38): Only you could be so bold!
R (26 Jun 2009 21:31): Ben the hit single, sung by Michael Jackson.
Ben the movie.
G (27 Jun 2009 0:43): For the bike snobs.
R (29 Jun 2009 1:39): Not a huge fan of the series, but God help me, I lol'ed at this.
G (29 Jul 2009 2:13): Wow. I watched that cyst, scalpel & beer video.
I guess it was about what I expected! ...
m (1 Aug 2009 16:49): Where is Xu Zhiyong?
m (2 Aug 2009 9:34): Where is everyone else?
G (2 Aug 2009 11:07): Where is my DS?
Seriously, though, I keep forgetting what your schedule is.
Hanging out briefly once every two months (Salon of Shame) is not a very good average.
G (4 Aug 2009 15:59): So I guess there was a character in Space Battleship Yamato/Starblazers whose name was Desslock, or Dessler.
And now you can buy his wine (?) glass! Sweet.
Only 120 bucks!
m (4 Aug 2009 16:13): file that under Ukrainian Election, please.
m (5 Aug 2009 12:39): I have a google voice number now. Finally a useful voicemail. Too bad they don't do number porting yet - supposed to be in the works, though.
m (5 Aug 2009 12:41): also, I thought a 253 number (Tacoma) would be a local call, but turns out: no.
G (11 Aug 2009 0:55): Ooh. Light saber chopsticks!
Available in vader, skywalker, and yoda!
m (19 Aug 2009 23:38): Google forced to reveal anonymous blogger's identity for defamation suit subpoena purposes, or something. Ugh.
R (30 Aug 2009 12:52): Port Authority Bus Terminal: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure
Paul (31 Aug 2009 16:27): That's awesome. My own experience at PABT was this: arrive late, around 10:15pm, looking for a bus to Philly. Follow signs downstairs to giant line for "Greyhound". Talk to random person in line. Learn that random person in line is not going to Philly, and knows nothing about buses to Philly. Study front of line, and notice that it's not moving. Follow signs to subway. Follow subway maps to get to Chinatown ASAP, changing trains once. Barely catch the last Chinatown bus to Philly.
G (3 Sep 2009 17:21): Face Magic.
G (4 Sep 2009 16:09): Fun.
G (6 Sep 2009 9:17): Fafblog on the Iraq war:
Were lives lost? Of course. Were cities razed, flesh burned with poison gas, families slaughtered and children raped? Naturally. But one can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, burning the crockery, setting the kitchen on fire, firebombing the restaurant and summarily executing the survivors.
G (6 Sep 2009 9:18): I guess that post was two months ago, but I double guess that I haven't read Fafblog in over two months!
Paul (7 Sep 2009 7:04): Crazy fun. I had totally never thought of that in all the years I've used :visited
G (24 Sep 2009 9:58): Do you guys use the google reader?
In addition to g-talk, it also has a think where you can share a link or RSS post, and then people who 'follow' you will have those links and posts show up in a 'people you follow' section.
It's extremely convenient. See also: Google is evil; takes over world.
G (27 Sep 2009 15:25): Is that a "no?"
Don't tell me you guys still don't use RSS.
G (27 Sep 2009 15:25): Guys.
Paul (28 Sep 2009 4:24): sorry, I still don't use RSS...
G (28 Sep 2009 23:07): ...
G (30 Sep 2009 4:16): If it is because you don't waste a lot of time reading stuff on the internet, then that is fine I guess. But if you do, in fact, read stuff on the internet every day, RSS feeds make it much more efficient!

I feel like I am trying to convince somebody of the advantages of a horseless carriage, or something.
G (4 Oct 2009 18:39): This is the sort of thing you are missing out on, btw.
R (2 Nov 2009 22:58): Tags: tea cozy, vagina dentata, wild tea cozy.

Ugly and bizarre books, featuring one picture with the v.d. tag.

"This time, YOU bleed!"
R (2 Nov 2009 23:04): Another piece of art from the woman who made the shirt linked above.
R (2 Nov 2009 23:08): Hey, have any of y'all seen Instapaper? Seems to be more useful for someone with a smartphone or iPod touch than folks tethered to the desktop, but seems handy, free, and not Google (Hi Paul! I am not saying you are crazy to be worried about Google. Just optimistic about the chances for resistance. :C ). Also seems like a good way for me to cut down on a large number of web browser windows waiting for my attention.
m (3 Nov 2009 13:43): Linkfest!
m (3 Nov 2009 13:44): Instapaper looks pretty good.
G (7 Nov 2009 22:12): Mmm, yes nature YES HRRRR
m (11 Nov 2009 19:37): Yes, hrrrr, google app engine.
m (16 Nov 2009 18:38): history of the internet in a nutshell. really great.
R (18 Nov 2009 12:43): G's "so hungry" post from May is now a broken link. Replacement link: So hungry
There is an alternate ending, which folks may not have seen at the time.
m (18 Nov 2009 15:11): I don't remember that ending _or_ the alternate ending (though I do remember the best page ever deleted scene page), and I don't know if I would've even read through the comments back then to see the getting-married section.
m (19 Nov 2009 11:26): test post the first
m (19 Nov 2009 11:27): test post the second? what happened to the first?
m (19 Nov 2009 11:28): [3] header rewriting broken in post.php, rss.xml falling through...
m (19 Nov 2009 11:29): (4) header should be back, testing "HOME"
m (19 Nov 2009 11:30): (5) okay: more like "Location: ".HOME
m (19 Nov 2009 11:32): (6) should build rss.xml now
m (19 Nov 2009 11:34): (7) stupid malformed rss problem fixed.
m (19 Nov 2009 11:37): (8) second stupid malformed rss problem elided (should fix descriptions to include some sanitized substring of the post, though)
m (19 Nov 2009 11:42): (9) sanitized (strip_tags), droped a nice 100 char substring, and stopped reversing the array (though now it will put new things at the bottom; this must be standard, even though firefox seems to always print them out at the top)
m (19 Nov 2009 11:49): (10) upped to 500 chars, added ellipsis, and a silly unnecessary fflush that might help our rss.xml get generated with the most recent post (as desired!!)
m (19 Nov 2009 11:52): (11) this is going to break in the middle of the rssgen
m (19 Nov 2009 11:53): (12) breaking again
m (19 Nov 2009 11:54): (13) breaking again (oops, that was $id and I had intended for $s or $e)
m (19 Nov 2009 11:56): (14) finally, tricked into including the most recent post in the rss.
m (19 Nov 2009 11:57): (15) description looks better now.
m (19 Nov 2009 12:36): what happened to A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible? I just clicked on those links from the beginning of this thread, and they're great! Especially love Christmas Disaster Special.
R (19 Nov 2009 15:57): Imma spamming yuor test board.
R (19 Nov 2009 16:06): When does my post show up in the RSS feed?
R (19 Nov 2009 16:08): I know this is a test board, but maybe the link to the individual post should be the date/time string. Not perfect, but I don't think this sort of board needs a "permalink" button.
R (23 Nov 2009 15:38): Sadly, I don't know of any more ALiLBtDiI content. But, if you didn't read the commentary, well, there is that. I missed it the first time through. David Hellman (the artist) reports that Dale Beran (the writer) is "doing well", and has some comic pages but has not shown them anywhere. David is now working as design lead for what will probably be a new iPod/iPhone game. While trying to find more Dale Beran stuff, I found this old interview, which was kinda interesting. Also, a couple of really short horror stories from 2006.
R (23 Nov 2009 15:42): Oh hey. It also looks like David is working on (and looking for help with) some short animations. No hints yet as to genre/topic/release date.
G (25 Nov 2009 9:03): I guess it's obvious that somebody out there would be trying to cash in on (Vol. 2 comes with a free yaranaika bandana!!!) the Yaranaika craze sweeping the nation.
m (25 Nov 2009 11:32): that all looks vaguely pornographic
G (25 Nov 2009 12:35): You wanna know how I can tell that you have safe search on for Google image search?
m (25 Nov 2009 13:33): "vaguely"?
m (27 Nov 2009 11:41): pretty fucking hilarious.
m (30 Nov 2009 15:11): Wondering where to eat?
m (30 Nov 2009 15:13): and while we're on flowcharts... (and how quickly will that link break?)
Paul (4 Dec 2009 5:44): Wow, those charts are really useful. I'd never heard of "waterfall" or "table with embedded charts" but I just might find myself using them now.
G (8 Dec 2009 3:24): Link from S: Moebius Strip Bagel...
m (8 Dec 2009 10:20): McGinn's victory, precinct by precinct. Just look at all the purple waterfront!
R (9 Dec 2009 20:54): Jesse Moynihan makes comics that are extremely weird. His current story, Forming is a really bizarre mythology of the creation of the universe and earth.
Kime Agine is a series that was published in an alt newspaper in Philadelphia. Three examples of Kime Agine.
Paul (10 Dec 2009 5:46): Wow, I had no idea the mayoral race was so split by wealth. Was it taken as a referendum on taxing the rich or something? (I know nothing about the candidates except that some of my facebook friends are fans of McGinn)
m (10 Dec 2009 10:53): Forming is really great.
m (10 Dec 2009 22:47): now I understand
Paul (11 Dec 2009 19:14): "Our critics, unfortunately, say all we're trying to do is protect profits," pleaded Ken Johnson, as he shoved an extra trillion dollars in his back pocket. "Don't they understand that we could make people live longer if we take all their money?"
m (16 Dec 2009 11:09): grumpy
R (18 Dec 2009 17:52): The Nerds of Paradise is an ongoing online comic by D. Beran attempting to approximate the sort of comics nerds would read if accepted into paradise. New comics will arrive about once a month and will always be free.

Well! I was just mournfully checking the front page of ALiLbtDiI, and it looks like Dale has a new site, as of the 14th.

Also, I was thinking of ALiLbtDiI because I was going back through Dresden Codak, which was just linked by waxy, and found this send-off comic.

I know how you Mancalabots loooove to sit down for a few hours and read an entire online comic, so consider Dresden Codak your weekend assignment.
m (19 Dec 2009 10:46): as atrios put it: also, girls are dumb.
m (19 Dec 2009 11:05): another atrios link: McCain did this Franken thing back in 2002.
m (20 Dec 2009 12:18): Compelling argument for Tiger Woods as man of the (rather awful) year/decade!
G (28 Dec 2009 17:07): Link for paul: SMART status.
Also: Hard drives are cheap!
G (29 Dec 2009 2:09): Consider backing up vital data online (grza or elsewhere).
Compare price of hard drive to pain associated with potential data loss.
Paul (29 Dec 2009 7:58): Thanks! SMART is useful if I can install it (not a given for now). My most vital 2-3GB is already backed up on grza using an rsync script.

I'd rather keep all my data online and let someone else deal with backup etc., but for two problems:
1) online data storage is expensive (> $80/year), and has strict limits (dreamhost limit is 50GB)
2) I doubt if the cheapest online storage is reliable. Maybe the company fails---even if the data is preserved, changing companies is a huge hassle.
G (29 Dec 2009 11:12): Re: Dreamhost - did you mean 500GB?

Also - that link wasn't meant to be a guide on what how you should deal with SMART, just a little info on what it is. You can find easier tools for getting that information.

Anyway, step 1 is to use a hard drive that isn't failing. Checking the SMART status is good, and then of course you have to replace the drive if it has problems.
m (29 Dec 2009 12:18): One of the simplest and least expensive steps you can take to ensure disk reliability is to add a cooling fan that blows cooling air directly onto or past the system's disks.
Good advice.
Paul (1 Jan 2010 15:47): Dreamhost: Their vague policy seems to mean 50GB, as understood by the masses. I'm currently keeping 2-3GB backed up on grza, but I'd like to keep a lot more there if not for this limit...
Google: Does it support rsync or similar?
Paul (2 Jan 2010 12:30): This is a good example of what I'm wary of with online backup providers. In this case, the service was "upgraded" and became unmountable via fstab, and they don't even reply to the customer's question about it on their forum.
G (2 Jan 2010 21:50): Yeah. Well, using your own hard drive for backup is a pretty good way to go, at least when you're not talking about protection against theft/disasters.
m (4 Jan 2010 14:37): that second chart was generated with R. Paul, have you seen this?
m (6 Jan 2010 14:45): nijyuu hibakusha. very unlucky? very lucky?
m (10 Jan 2010 22:18): this graph is sooo gooood
Paul (11 Jan 2010 5:41): that's amazing. I wish I was still teaching in southwest philly today, so I could show that to my students and ask them to explain what's going on, until they reach the inevitable conclusion "white people in the south are fucking racists"
m (12 Jan 2010 15:30): "That was our original plan," he said, "but we wanted to be respectful of the school across the street."
m (12 Jan 2010 16:20): Crazy Netflix Map!
m (26 Jan 2010 9:43): Distorted maps are so cool. The new state names are my favorite part.
m (3 Feb 2010 22:18): this is such fucking great news! (and the first I've heard of any white house contribution to the mounting support for reconciliation! woo!)
Paul (4 Feb 2010 4:03): sssh...they're not trying to make a big deal about it. that way if it doesn't work folks won't be so disappointed
m (4 Feb 2010 9:32): I always love Larry Lessig.
m (4 Feb 2010 9:35): Same essay, longer (better) version.
m (4 Feb 2010 14:36): Bank mega-bonuses: totally helpful.
GOP Chairman Michael Steele (6 Feb 2010 9:21): Trust me, after taxes, a million dollars is not a lot of money.
m (8 Feb 2010 9:24): Watch: If famous filmmakers directed the superbowl.
Tarantino is a little long, but I thought Wes Anderson and David Lynch were both hilarious. Godard, I mean, I don't know. Also Werner Herzog.
R (22 Sep 2010 12:43): 4chan is weird.
m (3 Nov 2010 20:02): 4chan is weird
(sales of the comic Underground after being linked from boingboing and after being uploaded to /co/)
G (3 Nov 2010 21:14): Andre posted it.
m (4 Nov 2010 6:42): that's pretty great.
m (28 Feb 2011 11:43): Isogloss map for Dex.
m (28 Feb 2011 11:49): A taxonomy of city blocks. Like!
m (28 Feb 2011 22:40): This genome analyzer (two for sale, one from 2008 and one from 2009, same price(?!)) could be yours, tomorrow at UW Surplus!
Paul (24 May 2011 20:43): Speaking of places on the internet where you can post just about anything and nobody takes it down, Encyclopedia Dramatica (aka Anon's wikipedia) was fucked by its owner last month. Anon is painstakingly reconstructing it from various incomplete backups and Google cache. Their new slogan: "and nothing of value was lost".
R (15 Mar 2012 15:08): Andy Gilmore posts art at There are seven pages! It's great! I really want to know what his process is. I'm assuming he's got custom software written...
Paul (2 May 2012 19:48): Instructions to apply for I-20 or DS-2019
z (8 May 2012 23:31): woah, I hear your voice. but perhaps should be more closely mic'd to reduce echo?
Paul (16 May 2012 12:36): Data Liberation Front
Grady the Security Dog
m (16 May 2012 12:46): Idc2m4$,$cbml!
G (16 May 2012 18:29): Nice password, bro.
Paul (5 Jun 2013 11:57): Two direct hits on Geoguessr
R (29 Jul 2014 16:43): Strip Mancala. What a world.