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z (28 Sep 2007 20:32): around?
m (29 Sep 2007 7:47): !
m (20 Oct 2007 16:34): paul! is paul!
Paul (21 Oct 2007 10:55): Good. I bet these will be over $200 on Ebay for a while during this limited-supply phase... Thinking of that, I wonder how they can minimize kids being threatened or hurt for them. There are places where carrying $200 would be like carrying $2k in the US.
Paul (25 Dec 2009 16:24): can be reached at 215-729-2556 or my mom's house at 285-5502
G (26 Dec 2009 10:38): Okay, here is my basic schedule:
I am working Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat evenings. I have to be there by 4:30 today (blegh), and by 5:30 usually.
Sometimes when it's very quiet I will get off very early, but this can be difficult to predict.

SO I am up for hanging out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays, and possibly quiet nights! Hanging out in the morning is a nice idea, but I tend to sleep in... Not impossible, but probably needs to be planned somewhat in advance.
G (26 Dec 2009 16:04): Concrete plan edition:
How 'bout I give you a call after work.
m (24 Nov 2013 7:33): is not paul
Paul (6 Mar 2014 5:50): New malapropism: We'll do it by hook or by crooks in our necks. Abbreviation: Do it by crooks in your neck.
m (6 Mar 2014 7:24): That phrase always makes me think of the opening sequence for The Prisoner