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m (6 Mar 2005 21:53): For those of us in Cambridge (i.e. zong), Paul Graham's giving a talk tomorrow. His writing has seemed pretty decent. The talk might be interesting. Might not.
m (6 Mar 2005 21:53): by 'tomorrow' I mean Monday, March 7
zong (7 Mar 2005 17:59): oh crap. oh well. too late.
and by "those of us," what do you mean? you aren't in cambridge, are you?
m (7 Mar 2005 19:37): "those of us" shouldn't necessarily include me, should it?
Grant (7 Mar 2005 21:55): 'Us' is all of us, so 'those of us in Cambridge' would be... you.
m (21 Jun 2005 14:06): yhar!
Grant (21 Jun 2005 16:22): 'Before Anime' is probably just another way of saying 'Before Fan-Service,' so you can count me out.
Grant (28 Jun 2005 7:26): Happy Birthday, Sam!!!
Grant (30 Jun 2005 19:22): Casualty.


(The previous post is brought to you by Myth)
Paul (18 Jul 2005 11:57): Happy birthday Mike!
P.S. What is "irl"?
grant (18 Jul 2005 16:47): in real life
inviting red lobster
internal, robust leveraging
inescapable random licking
inpossibly really-good lspelling

Happy birthday!
z (19 Jul 2005 18:39): happy birthday, one day late
m (20 Jul 2005 0:15): thanks, fellas
(20 Jul 2005 18:03): What are you, like, 23 now?
That's crazy. When are you gonna get married?
m (14 Nov 2005 15:43): Just heard word of an earthquake in northern japan and tsunami warnings -- any of this affect you, Grant?
Grant (14 Nov 2005 17:14): Nope, no problems. It's actually been quite a let down, after the typhoons I had my first year here. My roof has sprung a leak, though. That's kinda exciting, I suppose.
G (15 Nov 2005 3:45): And, Carla brought up a good point -
Where is everybody, anyway?
(I'm still in Takamatsu)
m (15 Nov 2005 11:06): I'm in Seattle right now. Will be in Boston for some part of December/Jan. Then Budapest for most of 2006. At least, that's how things look right now.
Grant (15 Nov 2005 21:00): Budapest? Where did that come from?
Also, what language(s) are spoken there, and what will your living arrangements be like?
Grant (20 Nov 2005 13:29): Paul is in Philadelphia!
m (22 Nov 2005 1:47): In Budapest they speak Hungarian. I'll be staying with a local family there which, you know, hopefully will work out well (i.e. either they'll speak a little English, or I'll learn Hungarian _real quick_)
Paul (28 Nov 2005 13:56): Hey! I have internet access here now. In theory, this means I should be on mancala more often so y'all don't have to wonder.
m (30 Nov 2005 8:18): y'all?? paul, you've been speaking in a language with a second-person plural for too long.
m (1 Dec 2005 11:56): It's snowing here in Seattle. Woo!
Grant (1 Dec 2005 18:33): Yay snow! Except that I don't want any here so long as I'm biking to work.
m (3 Dec 2005 16:57): yeah, man. I was biking around in the snow, and it was pretty cool except that it kept getting in my eyes, and snow in your eyes just hurts!
Grant (6 Dec 2005 16:49): These are the temperatures as measured in the hallways of our school.

Which is actually just about right, since our hallways are effectively outside. Think 'breezeway.'

Also, do people hate it when I inline images? I think at first I did it to be kind of funny, but then I just kept on doing it. This is a picture of the 'dashboard' in OS X 10.4, by the way. If it makes you angry, well, it's a lot better than Spotlight, in my opinion. I mean, I dunno. I use the dashboard. I should crosspost this into the OS X thread for great justice.
m (7 Dec 2005 13:17): How desperately do you want to write for comedy? pretty fucking desperately. (and don't click this if realplayer is going to open up and take over your system, much as was doing to mine a moment ago until I killed the process)
m (9 Dec 2005 10:48): and then it was there when I started up my computer this morning. aaa!
Paul (9 Dec 2005 14:33): [insert obligatory sales pitch for Linux, or maybe for anything-but-Windows]
Grant (14 Dec 2005 23:46): I have it from an inside source that Sizzam (the sizzah! (makin' copies!)) will be back in Sizzeattle for a period of time following the advent of our dark lord Newyear. I'm going to be in Vietnam, though, so have a good time.

I heard a conversation about going to Vietnam related second hand, it was pretty funny. A man said that the reason people go to places like Vietnam is to have sex, and that the water looks like cafe au lait. The man repeated the words 'cafe au lait' five times, claims one witness. However, I'll be going with my girlfriend, so no sex for me.
m (15 Dec 2005 1:35): Flat fucking broke.
Grant (19 Dec 2005 22:38): Well. I'll be leaving for Vietnam tomorrow morning. I have to catch a bus at some crazy time like five in the morning. I'll be there until January sixth or so. Happy New Year's, merry Christmas, and a jolly Kwanzaa for everybody. There's crazy stuff going down, and I'm hoping that I can get what I want to get done done tonight *and* actually sleep, but both of those things are a 'maybe' at this point. A teacher died last night, and I might be going to a wake tonight for him. I wouldn't begrudge something like that.
m (20 Dec 2005 9:33): whoah. intense.
Also, some advice for you, little fella: while you're in Vietnam stay away from the chickens. And sex.
m (23 Dec 2005 11:44): christmas plans?
m (25 Dec 2005 8:53): merriment all around, fellas.
m (5 Jan 2006 6:14): DC
Grant (5 Jan 2006 7:24): Yeah, sorry for the no-posting, but as you probably all figured I've been in Vietnam. Haven't checked email in weeks, and that's crazy-talk.

Hope you all had a good holiday or three! Let me know what y'all did.
m (9 Jan 2006 10:10): Boston for 1 more week.
m (13 Jan 2006 12:57): So I idly said something like "Man, I hope they don't still die of coal lung." to paul the other day on the phone, reminded of Creighton's (Brill's?) description of some shitty aspect or another of a miner's life back in the old days (I remember that along with "Lint Lung", a textile worker malady). We were both pretty sure the world had moved past that sort of prehistoric difficulty. I guess they just call it Black Lung now, though.
Um -- except for when they call it this. (which we've seen before, back in grade school, right?)
m (25 Apr 2007 2:23): Paul, please go see this.
G (12 Aug 2007 23:02): Hey, if you're up for anything...
m (13 Aug 2007 20:09): gotta be tomorrow. I'm peace out wed in the am.
G (15 Aug 2007 3:56): Good luck! Hope you got all your stuff together.
G (21 Aug 2007 18:38): M & P! Hope you both made your trips safely.
Paul (22 Aug 2007 4:34): back in Phila. Xilitla was good.
G (22 Aug 2007 23:44): I lost your phone number. Guh. Mail it to me?
Paul (23 Aug 2007 1:29): It's the answer to 1234567890+922724666.
m (23 Aug 2007 7:24): buffer overflow error
Paul (23 Aug 2007 8:53): well, there's always paper, I guess. I used 'bc' though.
m (25 Aug 2007 17:10): currently living here while looking for an apartment. Only they kick me out Tuesday morning unless someone bails on a reservation, so I better find something quick.
m (31 Aug 2007 11:51): Got a real apartment, fellas. No more living out of a hostel. Moving in in an hour or so. If you come visit, please bring beer. I think Canada is anti-beer, or something. All I can find is crap.
m (5 Sep 2007 22:00): Zong!
G (6 Sep 2007 11:00): What's that!? It's the Zong-signal!

To the Zong-mobile!
G (28 Nov 2007 23:07): You guys gonna be back in sea-town for the break?
m (29 Nov 2007 16:52): shit yeah: 12.15 to 01.04
G (29 Nov 2007 18:22): All right!
Paul (29 Nov 2007 19:53): I'll be there 12.21 to 12.31
DK (4 Dec 2007 18:12): 20th to the 30th. Shane will also be back.
G (14 Dec 2007 23:07): Have a safe trip!
m (16 Dec 2007 21:30): lots of snow, lots of delays. But I did get to see (twice!) dudes in heavily modded cherry-picker machines spray green goop all over the wings (and, subsequently, blot out my windows while spraying the tail. both times).
G (19 Dec 2007 18:32): Let's hang out!
m (23 Oct 2008 17:43): I'm headed down to Philly tomorrow.
How come you assholes never visit me?
G (23 Oct 2008 18:57): The depressing, true answer to this is that I do not visit anyone.
m (25 Oct 2008 15:49): bzzht! Bike on the Greyhound (in a soft-case) with no hassles and no additional charges. Ho!
Philly: super rainy; sweet bike shop.
m (30 Oct 2008 19:19): bzzt.
m (7 Nov 2008 8:44): Awesome. [a million images will start loading, paul, so don't open this in firefox on a wimpy machine - but it's pretty sweet]
m (7 Nov 2008 8:46): And electoral-vote lists Al Franken as 237 votes behind Coleman [actual result pending month-long recount]. Bzzht.
m (7 Nov 2008 11:34): man, I hope Summers doesn't get the Treas Sec post.
Paul (10 Nov 2008 16:15): How can we get Obama to hire Krugman as Sec-Treas or otherwise economy guru?
m (12 Nov 2008 18:58): You guys ever go to the Garfield basketball games at the end of high school? Our star player was Brandon Roy, and I just turned on the television here in my hotel where I'm watching the Portland Trailblazers play the Miami Heat, and he's the goddamn star of the Trailblazers! (it's him, too; they just mentioned GHS 'cause Nate Macmillan, the Portland coach, was a Sonic back then). But, like, star of a good NBA team - that's not supposed to fucking happen!
Paul (14 Nov 2008 16:46): I went to most basketball games with the band, and saw...the Portland Trailblazers. That's pretty amazing, although GHS had other famous alumni too. Does this mean the rest of us are all pathetic compared with GHS alumni?
m (16 Nov 2008 7:56): What do you mean "us", white man?
m (27 Nov 2008 15:08): You guys having a good US-Thanksgiving? I'm still sick of turkey from the 16 pounder I did for Canada-Thanksgiving.
m (15 Dec 2008 15:57): Bowling? Garage (S end of Broadway) is cheap during the day. Who's in town?
m (17 Dec 2008 21:43): guys,
Paul (18 Dec 2008 14:02): I already said I arrive the night of 12/23. Bowling 12/24? They may be closed though.
G (18 Dec 2008 17:19): I am in town!
m (23 Dec 2008 19:25): I don't give a shit. Bowling 12/24, either at The Garage, north end of broadway, or down goddamn ice-encrusted Broadway if they're closed.
m (23 Dec 2008 19:26): Wait - I do give a shit about the you're in town part. Why aren't you bowling already? Bowling!
m (23 Dec 2008 23:56): And by north end of broadway, I mean south end. Christ.
Paul (24 Dec 2008 9:09): You are getting exponentially worse at writing what you mean here, I'm afraid.
G (24 Dec 2008 13:47): I might be working tonight. :(

Also, phones might be the way to go for last-minute planning. Just saying. Then again, I hear that Paul has amazing phone issues. It's because his phone is actually an old 286 with a modem.
m (24 Dec 2008 21:19): and the ram consists of latches powered by potatoes in salt-water
Paul (27 Dec 2008 15:16): p: How come Grant can approve a facebook friend request, but can't call us back?
z: Because he doesn't have an internet phone.
m (28 Dec 2008 12:05): In all fairness, there are others here who have demonstrated some difficulty returning calls...
Wait, possibly everyone here, actually.
G (11 Feb 2009 0:38): Do you have a steady schedule these days?
m (11 Feb 2009 13:27): Medium-steady; work TuThSa, polo Su. Something Monday? Drinks on 15th?
G (12 Feb 2009 15:57): Looks like Sunday/Monday is the time to do stuff.
Unfortunately, I already made a dinner reservation with Sandra for the 16th. 15th might be good, actually.
m (13 Feb 2009 1:12): Afternoon coffee or drinks? Ever been to Smith on 15th?
m (24 Feb 2009 0:11): Dex: what's the status; do you check your email these days?
Grant: Can we please ever see each other, ever?
R: I lump you in with Grant hangouts. King's Hardware, some evening, perhaps for a little skeeball?
R (24 Feb 2009 9:16): I'm good with the grouping and King's Hardware love the Peanut Butter burger. Count me in, please.
Paul (24 Feb 2009 14:40): I often check email. Not every day, but often. Probably 3 times a week...
m (24 Feb 2009 15:23): s/paul/m/i; s/week/hour/
G (25 Feb 2009 0:00): Happy birthday tomorrow!!
G (25 Feb 2009 11:59): Skeeball is awesome.
We gotta get on that.
m (25 Feb 2009 13:36): What're your schedules like? I can meet up tonight, thurs, fri, but not before 11. I know, lame if you've got to be up early. Or do you work even later than that, grant? [note: if meeting up tonight, call me, since I won't be able to check the board after 3-ish]
R (25 Feb 2009 14:24): I get to work in Bellevue at 7 AM. @_@ I should have this coming Monday off, if that's any help. I mean, I can probably do it, but not on the regular. Also, I may tell you I'll be there and then fall asleep on my couch at 9 PM.
G (25 Feb 2009 23:13): I'm probably wrecked for time all the way through Monday night. Tuesday you're working, Wednesday I'm working. Thursday I said I'd go to the museum. Friday, Saturday I work. ;_;

So maybe you guys should meet up once without me, or maybe one of us can see about hanging out after work. I'm usually off work early on Wednesdays - 8:30 or 9:00 is the norm. Friday and Saturday sometimes go late.
m (27 Feb 2009 13:33): Grant. what're you so busy with on Monday? I want to hit the square dance at the Tractor; King's and a little ho-down seems like the perfect night.
m (7 Mar 2009 2:16): wait. the state legislature passed a bill honoring penny-arcade? wtf?
G (17 May 2009 13:47): Looking forward to the Salon of Shame@!
m (30 May 2009 23:40): Dahlia Lounge, here I come.
G (31 May 2009 12:07): Really?
m (31 May 2009 22:36): looks like. absolutely terrifying. first day on thurs.
R (1 Jun 2009 11:05): Impressive! Best of luck out there.
R (4 Jun 2009 20:47): You might still be on the job or in the middle of post-first day celebration/collapse, but how'd it go?
G (4 Jun 2009 22:38): Also, do you have a regular/tentative schedule?
m (5 Jun 2009 0:29): Beer and a half after work and I passed out hard.
First day was great. Busy. No break in the work from about 8 to 2, at which point I ate lunch quickly while standing in a corner, and went back to work until about 3:30. But almost none of it was urgent stuff, so probably I could've relaxed a bit more / at all. Tomorrow (Friday) I'll be 7 to 3, I think, with hopefully a few short breaks mixed in.
Made: dijonnaise, turkey brine, cooked brined turkeys, pear compote, croutons / crostini, hot cereal, and did some misc portioning/slicing of things. I don't know. It was fun. I was a lot less nervous than at my trial day on Sunday.
But this morning schedule... I don't know how I'm going to like getting up in 5 1/2 hours. I can guess.
m (5 Jun 2009 0:30): And schedule is Thursday-Sunday mornings this week. Dunno if that's how it'll stay.
R (5 Jun 2009 10:29): I used to be a ridiculously late sleeper. But, having worked an early morning schedule (start time 7 AM in Bellevue) for a bit, I found that I didn't have a lot of trouble adjusting. Just takes some time (about a month), and in my case, the morning shift let me avoid traffic and get things done / schedule appointments for Weekday work hours. The one real downside is that I now feel tired and ready to sleep at 10 PM, which makes me feel old.
Paul (5 Jun 2009 12:14): Sounds like good food. Also out of my price range :)
G (8 Jun 2009 15:51): Salon of Shame tomorrow!

We may have an extra ticket...
G (8 Jun 2009 22:32): Tickets accounted for.
m (9 Jun 2009 0:36): I may have an extra - anyone interested?
m, (9 Jun 2009 0:36): also: I have to wake up in 5.
G (9 Jun 2009 1:43): I think R's the one who knows who to give tickets to. Just too bad that we didn't get on this earlier, because having two tickets to give at a time allows for the invitation of couples. But oh, well. How can they complain? - free ticket, after all.

Worst case scenario, I'm sure there are people who will show up and want a ticket, so it's not like you'll be out any money.

Or you can do what I did, and invite a parent. :O
G (12 Jun 2009 16:12): Paul, since you haven't been to a Salon, here's the sort of thing you are missing:
G (7 Jul 2009 19:58): Your next car.
m (9 Jul 2009 10:42): I don't get it
G (9 Jul 2009 16:44): I just thought maybe somebody would want to buy a car? ... from the 80s.
m (13 Jul 2009 17:49): Square dance tonight at the tractor if you guys are interested. Trying to decide if it's worth the long ride - got work in the morning - but I'd go if I knew any of you would join.
m (13 Jul 2009 19:04): guys...
R (14 Jul 2009 10:13): Sorry, M. Have been pretty busy, not quite up to square dancing on a Monday night. If anyone cares, I am probably going to see Casiotone for the Painfully Alone at Healthy Times Fun Club tonight. I'm pretty sure this appeals to no-one besides myself.
m (14 Jul 2009 16:34): wait, I like them
G (21 Jul 2009 19:04): Wait, why aren't we hanging out?
Let's hang out!
m (26 Jul 2009 13:24): just bought 2 though, oddly, the quantity box gave me the option of up to 15. I think they screwed that up.
G (26 Jul 2009 13:34): They offered me up to FIFTY.
So I added all fifty.

But then I was like, "They may not appreciate the humor behind this," and removed them from my cart before checking out.

Seriously, though, I could find fifty people to go. That'd be good times. Or scalping FTW, I guess. When you have a third of the tickets, I imagine you could mark them up quite a bit.

Fifty, though? I don't know what those guys were thinking.
Paul (29 Jul 2009 10:27): A bulldozer sits in the street. Next to it lies a pile of dirt, then a hole in the street, filled with water. A water department truck sits nearby. An open fire hydrant gushes water into the gutter, an artificial creek. The creek runs over what looks like a diaper in the gutter, which releases blue dye. The creek runs under truck tires, down to the corner, where it becomes a turquoise lagoon over tan mud, and gives me a deep thought:
Real life is like a Rube Goldberg machine.
G (31 Jul 2009 7:07): Especially when your roommate is Rube Goldberg.
Man! Stop tying rope to the refrigerator door, dude! I'm just trying to get some milk.
RG (31 Jul 2009 9:38): Seriously, you just need to start the tea kettle if you want some milk. And put your coffee, or whatever, on the back of the toilet.
Whiners get drawn in as "object elephant sits on thereby startling gerbil-on-wheel with death wail"
G (14 Sep 2009 18:30): So I guess Philly libraries are closing. Wow.
m (14 Sep 2009 18:36): Wait, what? That's absurd.
Paul (15 Sep 2009 4:26): Yes, that's absurd. Well, I'd rather have them do something absurd and reversible, than what the mayor proposed last year (to close 11 branches and repurpose the buildings), which could have been irreversible. Government is screwed up.
m (15 Sep 2009 15:48): ours had a week-long furlough...
G (18 Sep 2009 3:59): "Oh, fine, I guess we'll fund our libraries. Geez"
G (30 Sep 2009 2:31): Blog 'Jaws Wired Shut' Makes You Really Appreciate Your Teeth
G (2 Oct 2009 21:28): Whew!
Does piracy count as 'real life'?
G (23 Jan 2010 13:26): Lonely "meal."
Man, I could do this for some time.
Black tea & elderflower!!
m (16 Feb 2010 11:54): Salon tonight. See you there.
m (16 Feb 2010 23:15): saw you there.
m (6 Mar 2010 0:04): It's our game!
m (6 Mar 2010 0:08): Ann spilled water on her macbook keyboard and now it's in European mode(?!) Finding punctuation is terrible. Grant/Reed, how do we switch it back?
Also, touchpad is intermittent. Any drying out advice?
R (6 Mar 2010 16:07): Well, water is the most benign substance for pouring into a computer, so that's good.
Drying shit out:
1. Turn it off!
2. Unplug, and remove battery!

#1 and 2 are the most important bits for any piece of electrical equipment exposed to moisture. Do these ASAP.

3. Turn upside down if possible.
4. Wait.
6. Wait.
7. Seriously, keyboards are kind of inadvertently designed to trap water inside. You could wait as long as three weeks if you really want it *dry* in there. Think about how long it takes water to evaporate at room temperature, and how enclosed the wet spaces are.

It's not unlikely you'll end up needing a new top case. They aren't too expensive (quick googling makes them look to be about $50). Optionally, things might dry faster if you remove the top case anyway. Don't take it to a genius bar (you wouldn't, I know), they'll get fidgety if you tell them / they can find evidence of water "damage".
R (7 Mar 2010 23:35): Oh. Also, if you've actually just managed to change the keyboard input method somehow, you'd change it in System Preferences -> Language & Text -> Input Sources, and probably just disable everything except for English. It is more likely that the water was goofing things up, though.
m (8 Mar 2010 11:53): The water issues went away after about 24 hrs. But it's weird that one of them was europe mode (another was capslock light inverse to actual capslock function).
Paul (8 Mar 2010 18:53): Yea for issues that go away in 24h. I wish all issues did that--
m (9 Apr 2010 20:30): oh shit I have to do my taxes!!
G (8 Jun 2010 2:20): Salon of Shame!
Don't forget (assuming you also didn't forget to get tickgets.)
m (17 Jun 2010 21:09): Lakers!
Paul (3 Jul 2010 10:36): In Seattle this week! Drop me a line
R (29 Jun 2011 22:18): Happy birthday, secret person who occasionally posts to mancalablog! If you don't know who, it is a personal failing to feel guilty about! Hint: I finally saw YLT live, and "Nuclear War" was fucking rad!
m (30 Jun 2011 8:17): not enough hint.
Paul (maybe) (30 Jun 2011 20:39): Really it's just me, Grant.
R (30 Jun 2011 22:41): Before you even mouseover this link, do you *really* think you need a hint? While searching through old posts, it looks like our friend only posted like, maybe, twice and not since 2005 or so. Where ya at, man?
z (17 Jul 2011 18:12): cough.
G (18 Jul 2011 0:21): Oh shit was it your birthday? happy birthday!!
R (18 Jul 2011 2:53): Was this supposed to be the post where I pretend to be serious and not understanding that you're joking, so you can reply with all caps, "that's the joke"?

If not:

Because it was M's burthday, pretty sure! Happy B'day to M! What are you up to? Do you go to shows? You should mention those shows to people somehow! Like, Quasi and David Bazan were at the Showbox this weekend, but I was out of town. Also, not sure if anyone else would have gone. See, I just did what you should consider doing because I suggested it.

More than one person told me, unprompted, to "stop apologizing" or "stop being so self-conscious" this weekend. But then someone else mentioned she'd read Consciousness Explained by Daniel C. Dennett, and I was sorta doomed to spend a bit of the rest of the weekend thinking about thinking and then talking about it.

G (18 Jul 2011 7:34): But it was his birthday, like, three weeks ago.
Happy birthday! I bought you a colander (for me).
m (19 Jul 2011 11:55): thanks guys.
R (19 Jul 2011 20:33): Wait! Was I joking?
G (20 Jul 2011 17:09): I already have a colander?
R (21 Jul 2011 16:42): How's the cough, Z?
m (20 Aug 2011 1:04): Don't know if any of you have plans today (Saturday), but my dad is having an open house for the place he's been building these past two years for him and my mom out on Vashon. I'll be cooking all day out there, we've got a keg of Manny's - I mean, I think it's going to be a cool party, which is sort of alarming given that my parents are throwing it. So if you've got a few hours this afternoon (it is a ferry ride away), come hang out!
G (20 Aug 2011 10:22): That sounds awesome, but I actually have *two* things going down today.
Yours sounds way more fun though. ;_;
m (5 Dec 2011 10:49): Also you (G/S/R) should take a little trip down to Tacoma some time for a visit. I can promise homebrew, pinball, and cocktails.

This pinball website is actually kind of great!
Paul (6 Dec 2011 5:34): Hey, it's the pinball machine we had back at Leepfrog
m (6 Dec 2011 12:59): Makes me want to become an old pinball machine restoration kook...
G (6 Dec 2011 13:48): Magnets affecting the ball's path? Sounds pretty cool.
Paul (6 Dec 2011 21:11): The magnet just turns on at certain moments to grab the ball, then turns off to release it back to gravity. The write up makes it sound like dynamic path curving, which would be infinitely more amazing and difficult to play with.
G (19 Feb 2012 15:36): Hey Mike you wanna hang out? Maybe, like, next weekend, or something?
Any time from Thurs. I'm thinking. My apartment's all clean and stuff.
m (19 Apr 2012 8:33): Grant/Reed, are you going to this dreamhost party thing at Palace next thursday? I just grabbed tickets for me and ann. It's a freebie...
G (19 Apr 2012 23:22): Thanks for the heads up! I am now!
G (22 Apr 2012 14:12): Salon of Shame tickets on sale tonight at 8 PM
G (22 Apr 2012 20:03): Aaaaand sold out in under two minutes. As usual.
G (24 Sep 2012 18:42): Paul, available to hang out some night?
Paul (25 Sep 2012 14:15): Yes, I'm mostly better now, so give me a call. I go home Saturday morning.
z (3 Mar 2013 20:08): belated happy birthday to pgd. haven't visited this in a while, site still looking good!
G (4 Mar 2013 0:27): Zong! :)
z (26 Feb 2014 20:17): happy birthday paul
m (27 Feb 2014 8:20): Zong, you still in Boston? How's it going out there?
z (3 Mar 2014 11:26): yeah i'm still here. writing stuff now so p. busy in general!
m (7 Oct 2014 13:28): GeekGirlCon this weekend! We've got extra tickets for both days...
m (28 Oct 2014 7:54): How did Soylent brunch go?
m (28 Oct 2014 16:13): William Gibson free reading tonight from his new book at the U Bookstore

I'm on the fence. I'd have to grab Ann from work at 6 and head straight up. Would either of you guys be able to make it?
m (28 Oct 2014 21:42): Reading was dull, but then Gibson was great during the Q+A. Probably not worth the driving time. Still, cool to see the guy up close. Not at all crowded.
m (3 Nov 2014 20:32): @Reed: I think this may have been the other anthropologist Cory Doctorow mentioned at the talk
m (28 Nov 2014 14:33): GUYS
m (27 Feb 2015 14:24): You guys want to go see Bruce Schneier at Town Hall on March 9?
R (6 Mar 2015 1:25): R + G are in for Bruce Schneier! Thanks for the heads-up, this sounds neat (probably paranoia and despair-inducing).
m (6 Mar 2015 8:17): want to grab a bite beforehand?
G (8 Mar 2015 23:40): I don't know how much time I'll have - i might be going pretty much from work to this. But I'll be in touch, I guess.
m (9 Mar 2015 7:21): ok!
G (9 Mar 2015 23:36): Favorite parts:

re: "just metadata," if you were a person seeking to use your knowledge to influence others, a list of attendees would be much more useful than a transcript of the words that were spoken.

re: the importance of privacy - gay marriage & marajuana are two things that are on the brink of becoming legal/accepted. For them to become legal, they have to first become acceptable to a certain amount of people. And for them to become acceptable, people need to have been able to try them, despite being illegal. This could not happen in a state without privacy. QED.
G (9 Mar 2015 23:37): can't spell marijuana fuck my life
G (9 Mar 2015 23:38): i and a aren't even close together all is lost
m (2 Mar 2017 15:26): Sam! Fivethirtyeight is doing a live podcast in Boise at Hackfort(??). This Fort thing looks great!
sam (2 Mar 2017 15:53): I did notice this would be happening! I'm not sure I'll be able to go, but if not, I at least should try to run into the 538 staff at nearby drinking establishments.

PS You all should come to Boise for treefort. I have no idea what is going on in music these days, but someone on that lineup has to be cool.
m (2 Mar 2017 17:13): I just google mapped Boise - it is not where I thought it was! I figured: can't be too far from Spokane. That's where Idaho is, obvs.

I am closer to Spokane than Boise is, by several hours!
sam (14 Mar 2017 21:09): Most folks who drive through Idaho actually go through the northern part of the state. Boise isn't on the way to much. Salt Lake, some national parks ...
m (15 Mar 2017 12:51): I think I came up 84 once about ten years ago, having driven over from Toronto through Chicago via 80. I got pulled over somewhere on that long drive (Wyoming I think) by a cop who (falsely) announced that he smelled weed in the car and wanted to search the vehicle. After we sat around for about a half hour (waiting for something?) he told me I could go.
m (27 May 2017 8:02): Also Grant tell you? We got a pair of twins coming end of sep / early oct. 🎉
sam (27 May 2017 21:16): Congratulations!!! Boy/girl/identical/fraternal?
m (28 May 2017 7:00): All of the above (almost)! Boy/girl/fraternal. With a high probability, anyway.
m (28 Sep 2017 17:51): DAD TIME
Congatulations!!! (29 Sep 2017 14:53): Grant
m (23 Nov 2017 6:59): Happy Thanksgiving, guys

When this forum started Paul was on dialup internet. And I'm pretty sure he didn't have "fonts". I think the rest of us were on broadband, and with modern computers, so maybe this says more about Paul than about the age of this website.
m (2 Sep 2018 10:52): Guys, any updates?

Paul, what country are you in?
a) Poland
b) Mexico
c) USA
d) Other (please specify) __________
m (2 Sep 2018 10:57): Our current status (approx)

Ada has my glasses :(
Paul (3 Mar 9:19): b
m (24 Mar 20:36): ?