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dkanter (2 Jul 2007 11:50): Grant - are you going to get an iPhone?

One of my friends worked on the hardware/software design, and it looks really sweet. I don't think it's $500 worth of sweet, but I was pretty impressed.

I definitely like the idea of a dynamic thumbpad.

m (19 Jul 2015 9:25): DIY Cell Phone?!


m (25 Oct 2007 18:49): Oh shit, what happened to oink?!
m (25 Oct 2007 18:50): wait, and where'd indietorrents go?
m (28 Oct 2007 18:12): from Piratbyrån's grey commons talk, an interesting perspective:
"The war against file-sharing is essentially a war against the distribution of uncopyrighted metadata, not against the distribution of copyrighted material."

(the logic: people have always done low-scale pirating with xerox machines, cassette tapes, etc, but the filesharing networks facilitate hooking up with people who have what you want and are willing to share it with you, quasi-legally [see Eugene Volokh's goddamn treatise on crime facilitating speech], so the fight targets the networks)
m (28 Oct 2007 20:34): thoughts about oink (and its demise) from a musician's (DJ Rupture's) perspective.

(I completely agree re: radiohead. I tried to use their wonky site to grab In Rainbows and flipped out / closed my browser window once they started asking me for silly things like my address)
m (30 Oct 2007 21:06): did you see that RIAA is suing usenet? well, at any rate.