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m (4 Feb 2010 9:17): Carly Fiorina (you remember her - potential R veep, ex ceo of HP, website splash for Carlyfornia, etc) is running for Governor of CA, and here's her bizarro attack ad against a primary competitor.
Count the number of times we get to watch a sheep chew, and watch for the evil red-glowing-eye sheep.
Paul (6 Feb 2010 14:25): fornicalia
Paul (6 May 2010 1:50): Color names most disproportionately entered
By women...          By men... 
1. Dusty Teal 1. Penis
2. Blush Pink 2. Gay
3. Dusty Lavender 3. WTF
4. Butter Yellow 4. Dunno
5. Dusky Rose 5. Baige
"I ... that's not my typo in #5---the only actual color in the list really is a misspelling of 'beige'."
G (6 May 2010 2:57): You should join the Google Reader link-party, paul.
m (6 May 2010 9:48): Dispersants!
R (7 May 2010 20:42): How about dispense with pants instead? Because the next series from Gainax is 'Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.'
m (8 May 2010 9:33): A delicious blend?
G (9 May 2010 0:33): Pansto? Wow and wow. Even now, I want to say you're lying!
R (4 Jun 2010 10:15):
G (4 Jun 2010 13:55): With end quote: GWB acknowledges ordering waterboarding of KSM.
Paul (7 Jun 2010 19:42): Does this mean he will be prosecuted for war crimes? Are you listening, Mr. Moreno-Ocampo?
R (20 Jul 2010 19:49): God damn. Anyone else pissed about the Shirley Sherrod thing?
Paul (28 Nov 2010 18:14): My gmail message contained the phrase "Whites in Anti-Racist Solidarity". So gmail gave me a context-sensitive ad for "Crest Whitestrips. Get Whiter Teeth for the Holidays!"
G (30 Nov 2010 1:00): That's racist.
Paul (3 Dec 2010 17:32): “We understand that the restroom is an unusual place for art. If, however, you are uncomfortable, there are other restrooms available on the second floor.

The DVD player and projector ARE NOT recording the restroom’s use.”
R (21 Apr 2017 21:19): The FBI does not give a shit about warrantless searches of NSA data