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helmets are strictly good things

m (14 Mar 2009 11:40): ok, one-handed typing:
big crash thursday night. Head-on with an suv turning left across me(?!). I think. Memory of the event is hazy and subsequent hours are gone entirely. spent a little while unconscious. thankfully no loss of competence (going to ward off any 'can't go down from zero' jokes here). I'll have a pair of plates put in my jaw (which is standard procedure now?!) on Thursday. I've got a broken scapula, too. Arm in a sling, face oddly swollen. both hurt like hell when I let my narcotics lapse.
G (14 Mar 2009 11:48): Shit. I guess I'm glad you're alive, and stand to recover.
End-of-quarter party to take at Mike's place, I guess.
Booze + meds = good shit?
Seriously, though, let me know if I can do anything for you.
At the very least, I should drop to bring you some soup and check out your wounds.
G (14 Mar 2009 12:57): Yeah, so - where are you? At a hospital, or at home?
I can't do it today, but can I drop in some time? (after I get my finals taken care of. :C)
m (14 Mar 2009 13:19): Thanks, man. At the parents' now. Drinking lots of tea. Eating a ton of soup. Those assholes didn't feed me yesterday because I was stand-by for the jaw surgery (and for anesthesia reasons (maybe?) they want your stomach empty), but I think someone needing brain surgery bumped me. It's hard to resent that.
DK (14 Mar 2009 18:42): Crap man, that sucks : (

I wish you a swift recovery, and as a fellow bicyclist, I'm wincing in sympathy.

G (15 Mar 2009 1:37): Maybe you need some games that you can play one-handed until your arm is better.
R (16 Mar 2009 10:31): I have nothing to say except I'm glad you are alive and healing. Scary, scary.
Paul (19 Mar 2009 3:17): Was your surgery today? Get well soon.
G (20 Mar 2009 1:06): Was it? Doing okay?
I left a message at your folks'.
I've got time off now, so let me know if I can bring over something to play, watch, or whatever.
m (22 Mar 2009 22:01): Thanks guys. Surgery last Thurs went exceptionally well. I'm now part titanium. And have 6 weeks of eating only fluids to look forward to.
G (25 Mar 2009 0:06): My chicken broth says it can be served 'as a hot beverage.' And, like, it's got lots of fat and salt. Plus, what is soup without the chunky parts?
G (27 Apr 2009 20:45): So - how are things going?
m (27 Apr 2009 22:05): Recovering arm strength/mobility pretty quickly at this point.
No more job, though. What assholes!
m (29 Apr 2009 9:25): Beers this week? King's?
R (29 Apr 2009 10:29): Heh! And so we come full circle. The peanut butter bacon burger ('After School Special') is pretty good, but the sweet fries are the same cut as regular fries, and thus are limp/slightly soggy. Still ok, just not nicely crisped like a regular potato french fry. What I'm trying to say is, I'm down. And you, m, you should just stick to today's special.
m (29 Apr 2009 10:52): > I wanted to ask you, were you really going to eat all that gravy.
> To interrogate you. Interrogate you for about an hour.
R (29 Apr 2009 11:55): "You know what? I think you just wanted to say 'extra gravy'."
m (30 Apr 2009 11:50): I expect Ballard will be a mess friday and saturday nights. Sunday?
m (1 May 2009 21:10): guys
G (2 May 2009 1:02): Um, I work. Although you probably didn't mean me.
If I get off early enough, I'd go out afterwards.
G (2 May 2009 1:03): What about monday? I hear it's the new Friday.
m (2 May 2009 15:09): I like monday.
R (2 May 2009 21:14): I can do Monday. Wouldn't get there until about 8 though.
m (3 May 2009 9:23): hate
Paul (3 May 2009 15:45): Can you all make it so I don't have to go to work tomorrow?
R (3 May 2009 15:57): Tuesday is also Cinco de Mayo, FWIW. But, yes, I could do a Tuesday.
m (3 May 2009 21:43): Cinco de terrible. You sure you can't do monday?
G (4 May 2009 1:11): I'm actually going to be fencing on Monday night.
m (5 May 2009 10:21): how was fencing? We beering tonight?
R (5 May 2009 11:26): I'm okay with this. Some other time, we should just beer at a house for cheaps. We could make grilled cheese + avocado & tapatio sandwiches. I had one last night, was goood.
m (5 May 2009 14:45): Okay, well, I'll be there 7 or a little after, eating a peanut butter bacon burger. Do they have shuffleboard? I think they have shuffleboard.
R (5 May 2009 15:10): Paul: You should try to show up, which means you'd have to take yesterday off to travel to Seattle. Hope this helps. I also hope your Monday went okay.
G (5 May 2009 17:10): 7 it is!@
See if you can stake out a table for four, if you get there early.
G (6 May 2009 0:14): Good times!
m (6 May 2009 10:53): Skeeball! I'm so bad at skeeball!
G (6 May 2009 13:08): Let's say you go for 40s, and half the time you make it. The other half of the time, you get either 10 or 20, averaging 15 for misses. That's an average of .5(40)+.5(15) = 27.5. We'd expect an average of 247.5 points for nine balls, which seems about right. If anything, we might expect to improve on that.

Now let's say you go for 100s. If you miss, you're basically guaranteed to get a 10. How well do we have to do in order to beat the conservative, 40-aiming fellow? If you can get 1/4, you're averaging 130/4 = 32.5, but 1/5 and the average drops to 28. We only have 9 balls, so really, you need to be able to get two of those into the 100 slot, no matter what. Even then, you'll score 270, which is hardly out of reach.

We need to get three. It's 1/3 or bust when you're aiming for 100s.
m (6 May 2009 20:03): Good analysis. I'd say I had between ten and twenty attempts at the 100 of which I made exactly one. Problematic strategy. But I'll claim that I'm just working on my hundred-ball, and someday when I get that 5 percent up to a respectable 25 or 30, I'll be back in the running.
Plus skeeball hundreds are how you get the ladies.
G (6 May 2009 22:51): Right. I don't think that going 40 is the best strategy always, just clearly the best for n00bs like us. It seems that you'd have to get pretty good at skeeball before the 100s strategy would pay off.
(5 Aug 2009 12:44): One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one's youth.
G (8 Aug 2009 1:50): RAAAAAARRRRR
EVA-01 (8 Aug 2009 1:51): I mean,
Paul (29 Nov 2009 13:28): oncoming-car-turning-left is dangerous for bikes indeed. fortunately my front brakes are good and I was going pretty slow.
G (29 Nov 2009 16:08): Were you wearing a helmet?
G (29 Nov 2009 16:10): And was the comment about brakes actually a pointed jab at Mike?
How about my rhetorical question above?
Paul (29 Nov 2009 16:38): 1) Mike uses a proprietary sideways-skid-stop which has shorter stopping distance than any brakes.
2) I meant to jab at the car that turned across my right-of-way, but I'm not a very good jabber.
3) Rhetorical!
Paul (5 Feb 2010 19:36): Tell me about it. On Wednesday I put on my helmet, then a minute later I fell backwards down the basement stairs and didn't break my head. I don't recommend falling down your basement stairs, but if you have to do it, wear a helmet.