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Paul (22 Mar 2006 13:13): I hear Iraq needs a new constitution....I guess they can have ours; we're not using it.
R (22 Mar 2006 21:47): OH VELCO (<archaic rec.arts.anime (pre r.a.a.misc, baybee) pedantics>Aah Snappu-Sama,</ARAAP>) (Alt "Aw, VEL-cro!" )

In other news, Fuck South Dakota.
G (22 Mar 2006 23:03): What are the odds that anybody else would get that?
Anyways, sweet link!
Paul (23 Mar 2006 7:27): Yes, interesting how sexual taboos just make people extra confused, reducing protection but not activity. Should I ask what Velcr?o is?
Grant (23 Mar 2006 21:25): It's one of R's bizarre sexual proclivities, the sordid details of which are too horrible to retell, yea, even recall.
Grant (23 Mar 2006 21:26): Oh, wait, never mind.
Probably it's a witty substitute for 'snap.' Thus the tired, year-old phrase "oh, snap!" becomes fresh and witty. See, they're both names for fasteners.
I was thinking of... something else.
m (24 Mar 2006 8:02): ha. awesome.
m (27 Sep 2007 20:35): Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu?
G (28 Sep 2007 0:19): I thought it was good. In its way.
m (28 Sep 2007 6:40): I thought it was Mr. Fantastic. One of my new favorites. The anachrony in particular: pretty great.
Any specific knocks against?
G (28 Sep 2007 9:10): Nope! I really like it, too.
G (13 Feb 2009 16:26): Holy motherfucking shit!
Did you guys hear about the NEW SEASON OF HARUHI?
Let me translate the text on that for you: "We didn't finish it."
Not a joke. I repeat: Not a joke.
m (13 Feb 2009 17:03): I'm a non-youtuber, so you'll have to give me a less vague summary. Or one where it's clearer which parts are sarcasm-laden.
New season of haruhi has been a rumor basically since the last one ended; there was that live action video segment like 9 months later that represented the (in-story) event 3 years prior, to generate further anticipation/excitement, right? But there were issues with the studio change or something... Maybe? I can't remember. This is all something like two year old news. What's new on the Haruhi front?
G (14 Feb 2009 1:33): They said they were doing a new season of Haruhi. Contents were mysterious, some were thinking it would be the old episodes with new episodes? Some confusion existed because some magazine said it would be a rerun, but there was a new director or something, anyway.

Those who turned in to watch the first episode were treated to stock footage of boats and beaches with classical music in the background. Text on the top reads, "It wasn't completed."
G (14 Feb 2009 1:42): Or maybe it was just an internet joke. Very funny though.
But this is the real, new season of haruhi? Equally disappointing.
Paul (12 Mar 2009 3:23): anti-censorship memes can end up being silly
G (12 Mar 2009 22:14): They need a revolution... a sexy revolution...
m (14 Mar 2009 18:05): why have I never seen this comic before? it's goddamn gold!