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m (3 Dec 2005 17:26): So my phone has an antenna again. No more dropped calls while I'm walking around downtown Seattle!
Paul (6 Mar 2006 10:03): So I'm volunteering to help people do their taxes, and learning that there are weird loopholes if you figure out how to use them. For example, if you're ever poor (AGI<$15k (<$25k still gets something)) but able to save some, the Retirement Savings Contribution credit can reduce your federal income tax to 0.
Grant (7 Mar 2006 5:06): I don't suppose that works if you're already retired.
Paul (8 Mar 2006 10:14): In that case, you might be able to take the "Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled". But if you're poor and retired, you probably wouldn't owe any federal income tax anyway...
Grant (8 Mar 2006 22:14): Speaking of which, I have been having a whole lot of trouble with my taxes. Trying to deal with the IRS is painful when you're not in the country, as the ONLY way to contact them is via a phone line that is not open when I'm normally home & awake. And then you have to exchange stuff via snail-mail, which can take about a month, round trip. And if there's a problem, you have to start all over again.
G (5 Jul 2007 6:37): P, your password was automatically changed because it had logins from a new country. Shall I mail the new one to your harvy address?
m (9 Jul 2007 20:18): P is currently in X so, you know, if they're coming from Romania => no good, but maybe...
Paul (10 Jul 2007 11:03): doh. That's why I can't log in anymore. That's kind of a good feature, but I wish there was a way I could've disabled it ahead of time... Anyway, all my email addresses auto-forward to grza, except my possible-spam address which is krubokrubo at yahoo. Please send my new password there, thanks!
G (10 Jul 2007 19:52): Sent!
G (10 Jul 2007 19:56): Supposedly they automatically add the country to a 'safe list' if you continue using it normally after they change the password and don't contact them. And you can opt out, but... you'd have to know about it ahead of time for that, wouldn't you?
Paul (13 Jul 2007 16:55): Working again now, thanks! And their email explains reasonably well how to handle such things. I probably won't be using it outside the US and Mexico, but if I do, I'll know to opt out ahead of time, or tunnel my traffic through a safe-country. Doh: I bet the Romanians already do that...
G (19 Jul 2007 0:01): And just a reminder, you can also access email accounts via the webmail interface at the 'webmail' sub-domain.

It's not encrypted, though, so... :P
Paul (17 Aug 2009 18:01): So I received a new ipod touch, except I can't use it because I don't have a closed-source computer. From searching, it sounds like I need to "jailbreak" it and then maybe I can ssh to it in order to, you know, put songs on it or something. Does anyone here have experience with such nonsense? Is a "jailbreak" program called "quickpwn" likely to work?
R (18 Aug 2009 10:13): I don't have an iPod touch, an iPhone, or know anyone who has jailborken theirs (yet!), but The iPhone Dev Team does seem to be the most active group working on jailbreaking for the iPhone and iPod touch. If you have an iPod Touch 1G, it looks like quickpwn or pwnagetool would do the trick, although neither runs under Linux. RedSn0w has a linux release, but appears to only jailbreak devices running the 3.0 OS. Updating the OS requires a Windows or OS X machine with iTunes and $10. So, if you are running the 3.0 OS, give RedSn0w a shot. If you are running a previous OS, you'll need to quickpwn or pwnagetool on Win/OSX to unlock (optionally, pay $10 for OS 3.0). Finally, GTKPod seems to be the tool you want to put music on the thing.

R (18 Aug 2009 10:15): iCommunity has a more intelligible, but less detailed breakdown of the above.
R (18 Aug 2009 10:23): Ah! Also, if you have an iPod Touch 2G (has a silver volume switch on the side), you have to use RedSn0w, AFAICT.
m (21 Aug 2009 18:28): Can't remember if I mentioned this the other night:
Sunday I found an iphone on the street, picked it up, saw that the faceplate was totally smashed (had been run over by a cars a few times, at least), and stuck it in my pocket. Later, home, I saw that it had been on in my pocket, and that in fact it was still completely useable. Touchscreen fully functional, even(!). I had no idea how to use the phone (to see if the guy was trying to get ahold of it or anything) but I opened up his facebook app, posted my number to his wall, and got the phone back to him later that afternoon.
I can't think of a single piece of electronics whose lcd wouldn't be utterly destroyed, let alone touchpad still work. +1 Apple seems to know what they're doing.
Paul (25 Aug 2009 4:22): Word to the wise: Don't steal code from an employer in a way that's likely to be logged. The more valuable the code, the more ways it's likely to be logged (sounds like tcpdump archives in this case). If the code is really valuable, you may find that all your pathways are logged, for example, your office might be under video surveillance...
Wait...hasn't this happened before?