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sam (29 May 2005 0:16): mirah sucks. discuss.
Grant (21 Jul 2005 23:19): I don't suppose any of you have stopped reading McSweeney's?
m (22 Jul 2005 19:54): heh. I'm gonna start using that knock-knock joke.
Paul (9 Dec 2005 15:46): Have you ever wondered why phone rates are often lower on evenings and weekends? Now I know one reason why: Where I'm working I send & receive scores of faxes every workday, as the main way to communicate with the same company's branch offices. I guess most multi-office companies do that...
Paul (30 Jul 2006 9:17): my bike just got stolen :( It was a cheap bike locked with a cheap lock. Is it worth getting an expensive lock for a cheap bike? wtf?
Paul (16 Aug 2006 18:01): So I have now spent $50 on a new used bike and $40 on a new ridiculously large lock (but still only an "8" on their scale). /me grits his teeth