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m (23 Sep 2004 20:26): Let's take the problem of storing all prior versions of a file, the current version, and maybe a little control information (version numbers, modification dates and mod user, for example). How do you do this optimally? let's assume that it's a text document, such as in Wiki. What kinds of optimality do you care about? Easy/quick access to the most recent version, space efficient storage - that's all I can think of. How best would this be implemented?
m (23 Sep 2004 20:30): and once we decide how best to do this, paul, make your pages more wikiable :)
m (23 Sep 2004 20:42): there's no good way to give users access to the php part of the files. poop.
maybe through some sort of custom scripting that's done in an environment that makes sure no bad things are happening?
m (23 Sep 2004 20:42): by good, I meant safe
Paul (28 Sep 2004 17:27): There's one good way to do it: post your code recommendations, and if I like them, I'll plug them in...