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Paul (24 Nov 2004 19:55): My room has poor insulation from outside, so we keep the door closed for efficiency in heating the rest of the house. But the computer is very cold in here and so am I when using it.
m (24 Nov 2004 21:54): put in an athlon chip?
zong (26 Nov 2004 19:37): Great opportunity to overclock everything.
Paul (24 Dec 2004 9:17): This is getting ridiculous: The laundry machine in my room doesn't work because the water in its hoses is frozen.
m (9 Jan 2005 11:26): the laundry machine by my room only half works because the pipes in my building are full of rust that washed out into its water-thing the other day (some of which also made it to my sink and turned the water brown for a bit)