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canon s3

z (27 Dec 2007 12:05): oh, grant, since you have the same camera as i, i have a question...
when the camera is off, and you roll or tilt it around in your hand, do you hear a sound like a tiny pinball rolling around inside?

some people claim it's the orientation sensor, but i want to make sure...
g (28 Dec 2007 19:43): Yes, it is the orientation sensor.
m (31 Dec 2007 18:02): I bet you've got an orientation sensor inside of yourself, too.
DK (1 Jan 2008 18:13): My orientation sensor doesn't make odd noises when it is shaken...
m (2 Jan 2008 1:33): shake harder!
(2 Jan 2008 9:41): Uuu... uuuuUUUUngggg!
(5 Jan 2008 3:05): mm, that sounds more like using the W.C.
(8 Jan 2008 10:14): Everybody is going to know exactly who you are if you use words like "W.C."
m (10 Jan 2008 8:28): I was just thinking the same thing.