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m (8 Dec 2011 21:53): Oh my god, these intersections make so much sense!
Paul (9 Dec 2011 5:35): maybe I should move to the Netherlands...
AMERICA (9 Dec 2011 15:08): LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT
m (1 Mar 2012 10:50): Grant, I need Japanese help for some keirin-related bicycle decoding:
NJS is the modern Keirin standards... mark of standardization, or something. Fancy track stuff often gets NJS-stamped. I've got an old track hub with BIA stamped on it, and the only English language things I can find about this say "it's from before NJS". Can you tell me what it stands for / where it comes from? (possibly helpful, from this search)
G (1 Mar 2012 13:19): Interesting!
From your yahoo link:
It's an old "pisuto" hub (= large flange track hub?).
The nut and washer look older than anything used after the mid 1970s. After that, the washer would usually be movable. The 'window'/openings in the flange also look older, but maybe not so much that it would be unusual.
So why, then, are we looking at this hub?
You all might know that the equipment used for bicycle gambling ("keirin") must be certified. You can only use frames from builders that have passed certain tests, and all equipment must be stamped.
blah blah blah
There are two pieces that are stamped with the seal.

The stamp currently placed on all certified equipment: NJS.

A stamp that's older than NJS; BIA.

It's not clear when the switch took place (possibly the early 1970's?)
In any case, it's thought that these are the two stamps that were used for keirin racing.
G (1 Mar 2012 13:55): Whoops, italics ftl.
-- con't: --
The mark VIA (easily mistaken for BIA? lol) is for the Japan Vehical Inspection Agency, which is separate.
And then he misspells "sunshine" like four times as he talks about that maker.
Then he talks about the 'nin' mark above SUNSHINE. He doesn't know what it's for (and finds the slightly uneven edges on it to suggest it was done by hand), neither do any of his veteran cyclist pals.
G (1 Mar 2012 14:25): I'll look into this more later.
m (1 Mar 2012 17:57): pista is italian track - I'm not sure why track hubs are generally (always?) high-flange like that, but they are. Stiffer wheels, maybe, with shorter spoke distances? Oh shit, it's for side loads!
G (5 Mar 2012 11:19): Seems like nobody knows.
It's clearly the stamp used by the NJS (or NJS equivalent) before the mid 70's.... I'm gonna guess that it just stands for, like, Bicycle Inspection Association.
But past that I dunno. I'll try to remember to make a post about it on 2chan, and see if anybody chimes in.
m (8 Mar 2012 16:15): I know, weird, right? I kind of imagined it could be something japanese (the way NJS is) but Bicycle [something] Association is just too tempting. Anyhow, thanks for checking for me.

Chris (runs a bike shop here in Tacoma) was telling me about on someone's flickr the other day he saw a newly machined NJS punch, which you know (a) you could make some pretty hilarious stuff with that (i.e. NJS bell, NJS kickstand, NJS derailer, NJS frame, etc), but (b) how unfortunate that would be if used for evil.