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m (5 Jan 2010 9:25): Neal Stephenson can't write a girl to save his life.
Just read them all as dudes.
G (6 Jan 2010 7:45): Sandra just said that when she woke up this morning she couldn't remember the title "Blade Runner." She says that she could remember the director, etc., but not the title. This was completely unprompted.
m (6 Jan 2010 14:02): I've seen maybe half a dozen distinct nexus-6 references in the last week. think it's google's doing?
Paul (6 Jan 2010 15:21): New plan to stop spam: market weight-loss drugs by spam, but send poison instead. Then all the spam buyers will be gone.
m (6 Jan 2010 16:26): Wait, but that study has 19 students in 200 buying spam-sold weight loss herbal whatever. That's bizarre! Is that even remotely possible?
G (6 Jan 2010 16:36): Or maybe coffin-makers will start sending out spam.
New plan to stop spam: Either don't send anything to buyers, or send something ineffective.
Then all the spam buyers will... oops, that's what they already do.
G (6 Jan 2010 16:37): And fuck those kids for making the internet worse for everybody else. Gah.
Paul (7 Jan 2010 20:24): Score:
cyclists: 1,441
anti-cyclists: 32,527
Lessons learned: Drive a big vehicle. Hurt people with it. Laugh at them.
G (9 Jan 2010 0:59): Don't forget step four: Make a facebook group.
m (9 Jan 2010 9:36): Comments hurt my brain. I hate comments.
I don't mean youtube comments, or npr-is-right-wing-propaganda comments, or I love your facebook status update watermelons are delicious comments. I mean all goddamn comments. All of them. I need a sophisticated greasemonkey filter to strip them from everything I read.
m (9 Jan 2010 9:38): actually, this is a good start. But it makes the mistake of trying to filter bad comments from good ones.
protip: they are all bad.
R (19 Jan 2010 19:22): I just drank a tall americano, sweetened with a bunch of (possibly too old) egg nog. I thought the caffeine would help me "slam out" a couple of emails so I could go home. But I now feel like "slamming out" my stomach contents. Or rather, I'm being foced to consider if that would feel better, or if I should just clench my eyes and ride it out.

Also, I did not see Avatar. How was the 3D? Describe it for me in detail. Or maybe I should just go and see it right now in 3D for myself.
R (19 Jan 2010 20:14): Update: I feel ok now.
m (23 Jan 2010 10:13): air america slammed out!
G (23 Jan 2010 13:15): I wish this thread was titled 'incredibad'
Paul (24 Jan 2010 13:53): just mouseover this...
m (24 Jan 2010 14:59): wow! I like that trick.
m (24 Jan 2010 15:01): then I pulled it up in google reader hoping that it would clobber things
m (26 Jan 2010 11:58): and you thought hillary's gas tax holiday was gimmicky...
m (27 Jan 2010 12:55): Uh oh: more krugman.