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m (18 Feb 2005 21:34): quiet here today.
Paul (20 Feb 2005 18:26): Doh! It appears I broke posting for the last 24 hours, and didn't notice until I tried to post just now. Fixed now. Sorry.
(20 Feb 2005 18:59): Hehe. Quiet, indeed.
In other news, I actually still post on my live-journal, occasionally. Like, should I stop doing that, or what?
It's not bad, per se - but ultimately, I kind of want to have my own web page (so that I can post pictures, etc.); having a live-journal is kind of a stop-gap measure, and probably just keeps me from getting around to actually fixing the problem.
Grant (20 Feb 2005 19:00): Yeah, I just forget to type my name in.
Maybe there should be, like, a cookie.
m (11 Jul 2013 8:01): Central Cinema Kickstarter!
m (2 Oct 2013 11:24): Wait, what? We get the Paul Ryan nightmare budget??

The Senate bill funds the 2014 government at a level 18 percent below the president proposed five years ago; 17 percent below the Democratic Congress proposed four years ago; 10 percent below Paul Ryan and Republicans proposed three years ago; and 8 percent below the debt ceiling compromise two years ago (see graph, via Michael Linden and Harry Stein). The Senate bill is less than 2 percent away from Paul Ryan's own 2014 budget.