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Sam (25 Dec 2013 23:17): I forgot about this web site.
Sam (25 Dec 2013 23:18): Also I accidentally made it ZZZ instead of zzz but maybe it was a good opportunity for a new topic.
m (26 Dec 2013 8:20): Merry Christmas [internal server error]!
Nice to see you back here, Sam.
m (26 Dec 2013 8:32): Actually, where are you now? You were doing your PhD in math [logic? set theory?] the last I actually knew what you were doing. At Rutgers? CMU?
Sam (26 Dec 2013 12:27): Happy holiday time!
I'm in my second year teaching at boise state. It's a cute but very, very remote town.
Sam (26 Dec 2013 12:28): (yes I was in grad school at rutgers! followed by moving around a bit following jobs.)
m (28 Dec 2013 11:31): Boise: home of Built to Spill - saw them last night!
(28 Dec 2013 16:06): Awesome! Yes I have appreciated their presence here. There is now a sizable music community; it isn't too interesting to me but at least attracts some bands to play here now and then.
R (3 Jul 2016 7:40): It's fresh strawberry season!

Here comes (fraises) des bois

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