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Won't be prime for another 6 years.

Paul (28 Feb 2005 13:56): Happy birthday to me!

(This is not Paul writing, hehe.)
m (28 Feb 2005 22:29): and you won't be a prime number of days old on your birthday until you turn 30 (though some of us will when we turn 26)

Your number of days old (8401) and its odd-number predecessor (8399) have prime factors with a relationship that's difficult to express in words. The two factors of each number have the same least significant digit, and the prime factors of similar magnitude for the two numbers have the same most significant digit. ack.
m (26 Feb 2010 15:41): which is to say, now.
m (26 Feb 2010 15:42): I'm bad at dividing.
m (26 Feb 2010 16:15): counting. whatever.
m (27 Feb 2014 7:10): Won't be a power of two for another thirty two years...