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Thread Police (7 Aug 2009 16:53): <chewing donut>
What? I'm on break.
G (7 Aug 2009 23:43): Man, putting that one into the helmets thread was genius. Genius!
m (12 Aug 2009 11:29): So can we get some goddamn doughnuts in the house? You free afternoons? Mighty O?
R (13 Aug 2009 9:06): I work until 5:30 every weekday (on tha Eastside), and Mighty-O closes every weekday at 5. Boo. If someone wanted to buy donuts for me, I'd gladly pay them back...

Also, I have some Dale's Pale Ale, Oscar Red, and Ten-Fidy Stout... I'm thinking Oskar Brewery beer flight. Or High Potion.
m (13 Aug 2009 19:50): I really want to go to that branch of Rogue in Issaquah...
R (15 Aug 2009 22:45): Did anyone buy me a donut?
G (16 Aug 2009 1:37): I can buy you a donut?
And pass them off to you on Tuesday, I guess?
R (16 Aug 2009 2:19): No, no, no. I'm hungry *now*.

Also, I was hoping nobody would read mancala for a day, so I could post "guys"
m (17 Aug 2009 0:24): guys.
m (19 Aug 2009 13:24): This is bullshit. I can't believe you have sacks of top pot doughnuts just going to waste.
Uh, and good to see you guys at the show.
R (19 Aug 2009 17:01): Well, they don't let employees take home free donuts that they would be sure to sell. And I don't think they sell the day-old donuts... so what I'm saying is... there might be a magic dumpster near their bakery. Also, if wasted donuts are a crime, blame CAPITALISM. In a Communist paradise, you'd eat nothing but donuts until you were sick, and like it.
G (20 Aug 2009 15:29): OMG, are you saying I live in a COMMUNISM!?
All the signs are there!