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Wildy Off-Topic Microsoft Bashing

Grant (30 Nov 2004 21:20): DWP Kills Sixty Thousand Computers.
As reported on As the Apple Turns. Note their current poll!
Paul (9 Feb 2005 19:24): What? The blog's broken? It must just be your browser.
m (10 Feb 2005 0:16): oh, I see - you were demonstrating a weird spoofing problem with ie that uses html character entities.
which also seems to be a problem with my 20041107 Firefox 1.0

m (10 Feb 2005 0:23): OH! ie is the only one that _doesn't_ get spoofed. Everything based on gecko is vulnerable.
Paul (15 Feb 2005 16:48): Finally someone has explained a way to disable IDN in Firefox.
Paul (15 Feb 2005 20:47): I'm afraid I've found a hole in how mancalablog sanitizes things. not sure how to close it, though. hmph. Maybe it's not that bad that you can assign arbitrary javascript events to your it?
(15 Feb 2005 21:44): Remove all tags with semicolons.
Better yet, remove all posts with semicolons.
Grant (15 Feb 2005 21:51): This page has some good sample code (find for "trexx") that seems to do what you want. Stealing sample code 4 lief, bro.
Paul (17 Jan 2006 11:26): You know how LaTeX-generated pdf files often suffer from ugly-font? like, almost unreadable... I now find this can be fixed by \usepackage{pslatex}. I would blame TeX for this, but perhaps it's more Adobe's fault. At least there's a fix...
Grant (17 Jan 2006 20:25): I didn't really follow - why would this be Adobe's fault? They don't make TeX, and as far as I know they don't even make what you're using to view the PDFs with. I know I don't use Acrobat anymore. Linux, X11 and company are kinda famous for their poor fonts.
Paul (20 Jan 2006 13:55): Well, perhaps I'm just casting innuendo against the man. Here is a better explanation, but I still don't get why TeX's default font looks fine in DVI and PS files, and becomes ugly in PDFs...
Paul (22 Feb 2006 11:45): this has to be a joke, right? I hardly believe aol would dare this, but even if they do, and even if aol users do get corporate spam, does anyone care? talk about political organizations being on a hair trigger...
Grant (6 Mar 2006 22:22): I probably said this before, but hehehe.
"I picked up a Magic 8-Ball the other day and it said 'Outlook not so good.' I said, 'Sure, but Microsoft still ships it.'"
Paul (4 May 2007 20:15): If this is true, that would royally suck. I currently count Yahoo among the fairly-nice-and-only-slightly-spooky powers on the net, and it's all threatened.
Paul (28 Nov 2007 16:39): Microsoft Aquarium 3.0 (as told by xkcd)
Paul (2 Dec 2007 8:13): "Don't give up on Vista"
Paul (1 Feb 2008 9:35): Doh! just when I thought yahoo was a nice refuge from Microsoft brokenness and Google megalomania...
m (1 Feb 2008 14:05): that post doesn't actually make sense
m (3 Feb 2008 19:59): it seems I was a couple days behind the news...