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Paul (19 Mar 2005 13:16): Wait... Sam, you're in New York? I thought you were in a graduate math program in...Minnesota? maybe? is that what Grant told me or did I just make it up?
sam (19 Mar 2005 16:53): close, i'm at rutgers, the state university of new jersey. this puts me about an hour from new york.

as far as minnesota goes, that just proves what we've always known: that grant is a habitual liar.

what about you? are you still at harvard? or have i just been reading back to far in the archives?
Paul (19 Mar 2005 18:18): Well, since September, Carla and I are in Iowa where I'm working at Leepfrog Technologies.
sam (19 Mar 2005 21:09): oh! that's quite something.
who's carla and what does she do?
Grant (21 Mar 2005 8:36): That's great. The next time I get something wrong, it's going to be placed squarely on your shoulders. Hey Sam, you're a big fan of self-aggrandizing rap, right? I'm pretty sure that Paul told me that.
(21 Mar 2005 8:38): who is your daddy, and what does he do?
(21 Mar 2005 8:38): btw, previewing a post with a link that doesn't have closed quotes kinda breaks things.
m (24 Mar 2005 0:52): fourth hit on that google search:
"The Tilted Forum Project (TFP) combines themes of progressive sexuality and
universal acceptance into a massive community. Maturity and companionship have ..."
m (24 Mar 2005 1:00): and I'm living in the gayzor mountains
Paul (26 Jun 2005 15:58): I don't suppose any of you are around Seattle? I'll be there for about a week starting July 1.
Grant (26 Jun 2005 16:22): Sorry... I'll be staying in Japan this summer.
My brother will be coming to visit me in August - so you can feel free to say, 'hi' to him, if you're so inclined. No pressure, though.